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Catcher in the Rye

The red hunting hat

Miranda Bascetta

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Catcher in the Rye

Miranda Bascetta The Journey of the Red Hunting Hat Repetitive acts with the hat Giving the hat to Phoebe "Anyway, I put on
my new hat and
sat down and started
reading that book
Out of Africa. I'd read
it already, but I wanted
to read certain parts of
it over again." (pg.19) "I put it on, and turned the
old peak around to the back
the way I liked it..." (pg. 45) The hat as a way of control "I'd put on my red hunting
cap when I was in the cab, just for the hell of it, but took it off before I
checked in." (pg.61) Uses it to protect himself from the grown
up world "This is a people shooting hat," I said.
" I shoot people in this hat." (pg. 22) The red hunting hat keeping him distance from others, yet closer to some. "Then I took my read hunting hat
out of my coat pocket and gave
it to her." (pg.180) "I took off my hat and
looked at it for about
the ninth time." (pg.29) He is very repetitive with the
things he does in this hat, as
well as seems to cherish the
smallest thing such as a hat HE
bought like a little kid would
cherish a toy that was just
HIS. "I put my red hunting hat on,
turned the peak around to
the back, the way I liked it..." (pg.52) Right above was a quote
from when he left Pencey,
a chose he had control
over, and he was now off to
do something he wanted to
do or LIKED to do. This hat
gives him a sense of
control, or feeling like he
does. The quote above was after he
got into a fight with
Stradlader. He had clearly
lost this fight, as well as had
no control of it, and was
furious. When he put his hat
on though, it seemed to make
him more stable, and in
control of his emotions. "I showed her my goddamn red
hunting hat, and she liked it.
She made me put it on before
I went out, because my hair was
still wet." (pg.153) We have discussed previously, that he associates cabs and
elevators as adult things. So as he is in a cab doing
an adult action he is wearing his red hunting
hat as a form of
protection. This was the time that
Holden was leaving to
go to Mr.Antolinis house.
He was unsure when he
would be back, so just
encase he never returned
he gave Phoebe the red
hunting hat to insure
that she would stay
young and
innocent even
if he wasn't
there. "Then what she did-it damn
near killed me-she reached
in my coat pocket and took
out my red hunting hat and
put it on my head." (pg.212) I believe Phoebe handed the hat back over to Holden to let him know that she is still young and innocent even without the protection of the hat. Also for just that minute I think by giving it back
she is allowing him to
be young and
innocent again
her. This quote was taken from when Holden got very drunk, which essentially is a very green thing to do. Therefore to almost take it back or stay innocent after that he puts on his red hat. With this quote its almost
like he is saying he hates
everyone. With this hat he
is able to keep himself
distance from all the
people who are not like
him (phonies). "I remember once , the summer
I was around 12, teeing off and all, and having a hunch that if I turned around all of a sudden I would see Allie. So I did, and sure enough,
he was sitting on his bike outside the fence...
about a hundred and fifty yards behind me,
watching me tee off. That's the kind of red
hair he had." (pg. 38) He talks about Allies hair very strongly, describing it as something possibly more then it is. Allies hair is something so unique and out there, and of course something that makes him stand out from the others. Holden respected that Allie was "out there" and not phony like everyone else. Holden wants to be like Allie, and that is what drives him
to constantly wear this red hat. Not only to stand out, but to keep Allie in his life.
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