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Fever 1793 Soundtrack

No description

Aditya Singh

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Fever 1793 Soundtrack

Fever 1793
Movie Soundtrack

Aditya Singh
4th Hour-Kline

Don't Worry be Happy
By Bob Marley
When Mattie and grandfather gets dumped out when they are crossing Philly.
I Knew You Were Trouble
By Taylor Swift
This is for when Matte firsts sees Nathaniel.
Say Something
By A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
When Mattie is alone with
her mother when she is sick after Eliza leaves.
Turning Tables
By Adele
When Grandfather is in bed
speaking his last few words to Mattie.
Sing for a moment
By Eminem
When Mattie leaves her
mother and goes to the
Loudington's farm.
Not Afraid
By Eminem
When Mattie is trying to take care
of grandfather when he is feeling
ill after they are abandoned.

Wake Me Up When September Ends
By: Green Day
When Mattie is alone without
grandfather after he dies and
doesn't know what to do.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
By: Green Day
When Mattie is looking for
Eliza after finding Nell.
Every Little Thing
Gonna Be Alright
By: Bob Marley
When Mattie
first finds Nell.
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