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WalMart Proposal 2012

No description

Trevor Yamada

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of WalMart Proposal 2012

Wal-Mart Credit Card Solution Leveraging Emerging Technologies The Future of Credit Cards Mobile Payment via Near Field Communication (NFC)
Google Wallet

62% Growth in NFC payments from 2011 to 2012

448 million users and $617 billion in transaction value by 2016
Because We Love our Toys What is Wal-Mart’s Mobile Phone Self-Scanning Initiative?
Successful Pilot
Plans for Expansion Our Vision Streamlined mobile phone self-scanning checkout application
How it works
RFID phone to product
“One Button” checkout
RFID reconciliation of products leaving store
Only available to Wal-Mart Store Card owners
Partner with application technology company Check This Out! Large increase in store efficiency
Enhancement of customer experience
Decreases cost of fixed assets
Reduces cost of labor
Promotes use of Wal-Mart store credit card
Reduces credit card transaction fees Grow Your Bottom Line! Thank You For Your Time! Kick the Tires and Light the Fires! Be the First Mover Phone: (123)-555-8492
Fax: (123)-555-6372
Email: careypm@cwy.com, wallacpj@cwy.com, yamadatm@cwy.com Credit Card Brands are Hungry for your Money! Disappointed in settlement proposal from credit card companies concerning recent antitrust suit
High transaction fees continue to eat away at the bottom line

Solution: leverage emerging and existing technologies for full utilization of Wal-Mart's Merchant Card Drive it Home! Total Potential Savings Crunching the Numbers! Food for Thought Labor cost savings:
Current avg. cashiers per store per shift 12
Avg cashiers per store per shift under new system 10
Yearly labor cost of labor (millions) $1,489.20

Income from sale of check-out lane equipment:
Estimated resale value for check-out equipment $1000
Total income from sale of check-out equipment (millions) $50

Transaction fees avoided (billions):
Projected 2013 Revenues $464.70
Additional Revenue from Wal-Mart Store card $34.85
Number of transactions at Wal-Mart per year 7.2
Transaction fee avoided (millions) $751.05 $2,290,250,000.00
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