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Play School English Lesson 1

No description

Emily Awesome

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Play School English Lesson 1

Steps to Writing a Good Story
Step 1: Brainstorm
Step 2: Jot It Down
Step 3: Write it Down
Write down bullets with key information that will help you remember the important parts of your story.
Step 4: Editing
Think of one big idea. Maybe something you did over the weekend, something happening this week or any other interesting story you want to write. Then think of one small moment that happened during this event.
Main Idea
Small Piece
Write down your story with more details and make sure to include all of your bullets. Add a cool title and add lots of characters.
Check to make sure you have periods, commas, exclamation points, spaces, capitals and question marks. Make sure you spelled everything correctly and that it makes sense.
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