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Dish Garden

No description

Marjorie Deuna

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Dish Garden

Sphagnum Moss
Ornamental Plants
are plants that are grown for decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design project, as house plant, for out flower and specimen display.
Dish Garden
is a display of flowers in a basket or shallow vase.
comes from the bogs and harvested, compressed and imported for use in the floral industry.
is the Japanese art of flower arrangement also known as kado.
Safety Precautions:
1. Wear proper working clothes.
2. Avoid horse playing.
3. Use tools according to its uses.
4. Place your finished product on its proper place.
Steps in Making A Dish Garden:
1. Prepare all the tools and materials needed.
2. Put charcoal and sand on the dish.
3. Fill the dish with soil.
4. Plant the plants inside the dish and apply Ikebana.
5. Spray a little bit of water on the sphagnum moss and put it around the plant.
6. Put the decorative materials on your desired design.
7. Place your finished product in a given bright but indirect sunlight place.
Hand Trowel
Ornamental Plants
Decorative Materials
Sphagnum Moss
3. ____ It is material the moisture on the plant. What is it?
a. Charcoal c. sprayer
b. Sphagnum Moss d. Decorative material
4. ____ It is the Japan art of flower arrangement also known as kado. What is it?
a. Konnichiwa c. Ikebana
b. Daro d. Lalabana
5. ____ Mark need to dig his plant so that he can put it on his dish garden. What tools it is that can help dig the plant?
a. Hand tool c. Scissor
b. Pencil d. Hand Trowel
Direction: Choose the letter that corresponds your answer and write it on the space provided.

1. _____ Manong Juan is a plant lover, he always use pot, tray, dish or even for his gardening hobby. What type of ornamental gardening does Mang Juan use?
a. Water Garden c. Dish Garden
b. Porch Garden d. Bonsai
2. _____ Lily notices that her plant on her dish garden seems to be yellowish in color. What do you think is the problem on Lily’s plant?
a. The soil is acidic so she needs to put charcoal in her dish.
b. It just normal on growing plant.
c. The plant can manage them self.
d. Do nothing.
Follow-up Assignment:
1. Observe what happen on your dish garden after one week.
2. Make a research on what would be the best way to maintain the healthiness of your dish garden.
Advance Assignment:
1. What is a Terrarium?
2. How to make a Terrarium?

1. Dagoon, Jesse D. Ed. D, Agriculture and Fishery Technology, pages 27-29
2. Millare, Romeo A. Edukasyong Pangkabuhayan, pages 201-203
3. www.wikihow.com

What do you want to learn about dish garden?
Who can re-demonstrate the whole steps on making a dish garden?
What is a dish garden?
Why do we need to study on how to make a dish garden?
Friendly Words:
Thank You!!
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