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Dr. Karen Jensen, Madison County Schools Federal Programs

No description

Mark Minskey

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Karen Jensen, Madison County Schools Federal Programs

Main Idea
Idea 2
Idea 3
Dr. Karen Jensen, Madison County Schools Federal Programs
Sarah Fanning Assistant Principal – Buckhorn High School
Mitzi Dennis, Principal -Madison Cross Roads
Yolanda Wright, Reading Coach, Walnut Grove Elementary
Mark Minskey, Principal – New Market School

Madison County Schools and the Blue Ribbon Lighthouse Process

The Process and Impact of the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence

New Market School

Valuable piece of the puzzle

In-Depth Learning of a school’s current level of performance

Detailed Self Assessment for Schools


Positive Experience


Suggestions for Funding Sources

Community/School Growth

Community Pride

Networking Opportunities



Mrs. Sarah Fanning

Buckhorn High School EXCELLENCE

Blue Ribbon Award Levels

Aspiring School
Points of Light
Blue Ribbon Light House

Back to School Bash
Community Picnic

Performing Arts

MXR Market Operated by Students

Meteor Mail Room Operated by Students

NMS Bathrooms

NMS Halls & Walls cont’d.

NMS Halls & Walls

NMS Partnerships

NMS History Wall & Museum

Principal’s Positive Pals

NMS Library


Chapter City (5th & 6th)

Fairy Tale Lane cont’d.

NMS Offices

New Market Map (designed by NMS parent)

School Motto

The Process and Impact of the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence

New Market School

Dr. Karen Jensen, Madison County Schools Federal Programs
Sarah Fanning Assistant Principal – Buckhorn High School
Mitzi Dennis, Principal -Madison Cross Roads
Yolanda Wright, Reading Coach, Walnut Grove Elementary
Mark Minskey, Principal – New Market School

Madison County Schools and the Blue Ribbon Lighthouse Process

Address: 4123 Winchester Road
New Market, Al 35761

Telephone: 256-379-2123

Fax: 256-379-5311

BLT: Sarah Fanning, Instruction
Paige Craig, Library Media
Matt Massey, AP Math Lead
Jennifer West, Collaborative
Tracy Wilson, English

Todd Markham, Principal

Advanced Placement

Technology Integration

Additional Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Powerful Conversations with National Researchers


Professional Development

Deep Data Analysis

Stakeholder Surveys

School Culture

Instructional Best Practice

Technology Integration
Additional Extra-Curricular Opportunities
Innovative Thinking

IMPACT of Blue Ribbon Lighthouse Award

Maintaining Blue Ribbon Status

Data Driven Instruction
Professional Development
Attendance at Blue Ribbon School of Excellence National Conference
Updates to Existing Facilities
Rigorous Curriculum
Continued Building of Community/School Partnership

On-Site Visits

Preliminary visit by Bart Teal, President/CEO/Founder of Blue Ribbon Schools, prior to submitting of application and letter of interest (May 2011).
Bart Teal and Marcia Jenkins-Greene conducted a three day visit (May 2012).
Exit interview to discuss commendations and recommendations for improvement (May 2012).
Awarded Lighthouse Award 2012

Stakeholder Involvement

Blue Ribbon School’s of Excellence surveys were taken online by faculty & staff. 100% participation required.
A percentage of students, parents, and community members completed Blue Ribbon School’s of Excellence surveys online based on enrollment.
Informational meetings conducted throughout the Blue Ribbon process.

Student Support and Focus
Challenging Standards and Curriculum
Technology Integration
Leadership and Educational Vitality
Indicators of Success
School Organization and Culture
Active Teaching and Learning
Professional Community
School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Blueprint for Excellence
Nine Critical Performance Elements

Why Blue Ribbon?

Blueprint for Excellence
Comprehensive Tool for School Improvement
Involvement by ALL Stakeholders (Faculty, Staff, Parents, Students, & Community)
Valid Self-Assessment
Targeted Instruction and Learning
Comprehensive Feedback

A Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Lighthouse Award Recipient 2012
By Yolanda Wright

Walnut Grove School

Blue Ribbon Award Levels

Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School Award - Achievement of excellent performance in all nine major categories of the Blueprint for Excellence assessment

Points of Light Award - Schools achieving excellence in less than nine categories

Aspiring School – schools achieving less than excellence in the nine categories

A school often implements improvement strategies to move from Aspiring School, to Points of Light School, Blue Ribbon Beacon School and then to Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School.

Time Line Continued

Faculty/Staff/Parents/Stakeholders worked on improvements
Documentation of improvements sent October 2012
Awarded Points of Light Award in December 2012
Continued to implement improvements during Spring/Fall 2013
Site visit October 15 to verify Light House Status

Time Line

December 2010 AP from MXR went to Blue Ribbon Conference
Presented idea to faculty about appling for Blue Ribbon Award
December 2011 sent Leadership team from MXR to conference to gather more information about ideas/standards/expectations
January 2012 Faculty decided to apply for Blue Ribbon Award
Committees were formed to gather information to support each standard
Site visit in May 2012 with Blue Print for Improvement established

Dr. Mark Minskey – mminskey@madison.k12.al.us

New Market School webpage: https://www.madison.k12.al.us/Schools/nms/default.aspx

Find us on Facebook – New Market School

New Market School – (256) 851-3250

Contact Information

New Market School
“Home of the Raiders”

NMS Halls & Walls cont’d.

Caterpillar Hill (Pre-k)

5th & 6th grade


NMS Street (Hallway) Signs

New Market School Mission:
Explore Today to Discover Tomorrow

ALL staff working together for a common goal (collegiality)
Provided an opportunity to reflect on all practices (BRSE 9 goals) [and make changes]
The process provided outside feedback with a roadmap for improvements
Comments from teachers, parents, and community
The survey brought to the forefront that our students felt that their peers were not respectful, which differed from the parents and teachers surveys.

BRSE Impact on NMS

6.Professional Community
7.Leadership and Educational Vitality
8.School, Family, and Community Partnerships
9.Indicators of Success

1.Student Focus and Support
2.School Organization and Culture
3.Challenging Standards and Curriculum
4.Active Teaching and Learning
5.Technology Integration

New Market School– Reflection

December 2010 – Attended National Blue Ribbon Conference
February 2011 – Leadership Team agreed to go forward
March 2011 – Leadership Team visited Owens Cross Roads – A 2010 Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School
April 2011 – Nine Committees were formed with all teachers and staff being included
May 2011 – Monthly Blue Ribbon Committee meetings start
Goal 1: to evaluation and self-reflect upon each of the nine criteria
Goal 2: create portfolio for each of the nine areas to better understand school strength and areas for improvement
December 2011 – Two staff members attended the National Conference
January 2012 – Theme Chosen “One World Many Stories”
May 2012 – Blue Ribbon Evaluation Visit
Earned Blue Ribbon School Lighthouse School designation
June 2012 – work begins on the road map to continuous improvement
12 points for improvement

New Market School: Blue Ribbon Timeline

Blue Ribbon Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mhe72pJj52s

The Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Process

Planet Park built and maintained by Students at MXR

Impact on MXR

Student Leadership
Community Involvement
Student/Parent engagement in school functions and decisions
Positive Promotion and Coverage of MXR
Networking Opportunities
Professional Development
Broadened Student Academic Opportunities
Developed Culture

Our Road to Blue Ribbon Excellence

Madison Cross Roads school
2012 Blue Ribbon
Points of Light School Winner

NMS Theme: One World, Many Stories
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