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The Emperor's New Clothes

No description

shane haddow

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Emperor's New Clothes

Plot & Setting
Rising Action: the weavers pretended to sew a robe that can't be seen by idiots.

Climax: the emperor showed his invisible robe and everyone pretended to see it.

Falling action: the emperor knew the robe and outfit wasn't real and he still acted proud of himself
Literary Elements
Theme- don't let material items such as clothes get in the way of your responsibility's.

Mood- happy, confused.

Tone-foolish, comical
By Hans Christian Anderson
The Emperor's New Clothes
About The Author
Hans Christian Andersen was born on April 2nd 1805 in Denmark and died August 4th 1875. He was a danish author and a poet. Hans has a fairy-tale collection that consists of The Tinderbox, The Princess and the pea, Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid.
There was an emperor who hardly "ruled" a kingdom. He cared much more about changing his robe every hour than being a king. Two strangers arrived in the kingdom and claimed to be weavers. They told the emperor that they have a fabric that is more beautiful than anything he has seen before and cant be seen by idiots or someone unfit for their post. The emperor gave him all the gold he needed and the weavers went to work. They pretended to sew a robe for the emperor and asked a civilian if he liked the pattern and colors on the robe even though there was no robe. Instead of admitting he is an idiot or is unfit for his post he lied and said he loves it. As did another civilian. When the emperor showed his robe to the entire kingdom everyone lied and cheered and loved it. The weavers made the emperor a full outfit and he stood naked in front of the whole kingdom and didn't care when he realized its fake.
The conflict was social.
The emperor cared so much about how he looked he wasn't being a king. The weavers tricked him into wearing a invisible outfit to humiliate himself in front of everyone.

Irony- The emperor cared about his robes more than anything and got applauded most when he was naked.
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