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Future Success

presentation using challenge, rigour and creativity in teaching.

graham knott

on 11 April 2010

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Transcript of Future Success

Failure does not exist.
Trial and error is an essential
avenue on the journey of discovery.
Engaging children gives them
purpose and ownership
through discovery...
Learning by experience
Making one's own discoveries
Sharing and respecting
Inviting time travellers to school
PHSE: understanding relationships
Creative writing
Art:shading and silhouettes
At Kneesall I will inspire our children through an engaging and inspiring environment where curriculum areas can be contextualised and linked together through a topic based learning journey.
"The more children are involved in
their own learning, the more
learning they will do."

At Kneesall C of E Primary School I am able to

quickly establish myself with children, parents and the school community
share all my strengths and qualities
learn and develop with a new team
use the school environment as a stimuli
enjoy teaching

Allowing opportunities to immerse lively and curious minds
Giving learning real meaning
Developing the 'whole' person
Leaving children wanting more...

Challenge is one step
beyond your personal
best and promotes
confidence and independence
Rigour ensures challenge is met by identifying children's learning needs through effective relationships, assessment, planning and tracking.
Creativity provides the opportunity to investigate and explore learning ideas with the embedding of essential key skills whilst having as much fun as possible...
Ancient Egypt
Learning Trail
Sharing expert knowledge

Topic based learning engages creative
thinking and opportunities to challenge.
learning opportunities
promote AfL through:
peer assessment
challenging targets
response partners
success criteria
and creativity
linking together to..

RE: different belief
Maths:using coordinates
Young Leaders...
Happy engaged
children learn
the most!
"The more children are involved
in their learning, the more
learning they will do."
Children have
the last word...

Kneesall will proudly present...
And then there is always a good book ...
Empower Children
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