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Aravinth K

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of HALF BROTHER

HALF BROTHER Project Jennifer Project Zan Brainstorming Kenneth Oppel Realisation Character vs. Fate CHARACTER VS. SELF And one more thing... Project Zan Characters A fascinating subject turned into a top-notch read
Precisely integrating family dynamics, animal-rights issues, and the painful lessons of growing up
Intriguing novel
read and experience Ben Tomlin's extraordinary life
extremely humorous and a little sensitive Why should you read Half Brother? ZAN Is there a way to continue the experiment and keep Zan with the Tomlin family? If not, where will Zan go to live? Does Ben’s father not care about Zan and his well-being? What actions will Ben take to protect Zan? Character Analysis Peter Jennifer Godwin Ben Tomlin Compassionate (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr For more information on Half Brother please visit the following links:- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7942534-half-brother http://www.teenreads.com/reviews/half-brother *Note on the corner of the webpage you will receive a link to the Author's biography for your attention! Hilarious Dominant Male http://www.kennethoppel.ca/pages/novel%20studies/half_brother_discussion_guide.pdf * Note that this link connects to the author's perspective of the book Energetic Ben feels like Zan is really his little brother and cannot imagine his life without him. But in science, if a project does not go well, it is sometimes terminated. Ben is now willing to risk everything for Zan whom he once resented. Plus, what if the project is terminated,what will happen to Zan? Raised as a human, he can't be released into the wild, and may not join together with other captive chimps. Ben is caught in a whirl of new emotions
thrust into a new private school
LOVE @ first sight when seeing Gorgeous Jennifer
having a chimp as a relative (Pretty Awkward)
Gradually the relationship between Ben and Zan blossoms into real affection and brotherhood
suddenly Project Zan is in the state of being terminated, and Mr.Tomlin doesn't care about how his son will be affected mentally Isn't this novel interesting? Ben Tomlin Ben begins to find his emotional footing
Dr. Tomlin’s funding is cut off and the project is shut down! Enthusiastic Something similar to Project Zan -- Project Nim Zan's Favourite Items * Alpha Male jealous * demanding considerate logical Brilliant devious
affectionate manipulative carefree
tender By. Aravinth , Noel , Chaitanya, Wamiq, Jaskaran Because of the move...
Ben must acclimate to a new school; handle his romantic feelings for the daughter of his father’s boss; define his relationship with Zan, the chimpanzee who becomes almost his "HALF" brother Before we see the rest of the presentation lets hear a little about this novel. "Oh well, Jennifer said, with a careless shrug. She looked from Hugh to me, then brushed my hand. Looks like it's just us, then" (163). She feels upset that Hugh can't come to her party so she pretends that she will have fun with Ben. As well it foreshadows that Jennifer will use Ben to make Hugh jealous in the future.
"Not everyone will agree, Ben, We've opened Pandora's box. We're going to get all kinds of publicity, and we won't be able to control whether it's good or bad. Get ready." (93)
This foreshadows that the media will play a big part with project Zan and that people will be against Project Zan later on in the story.
"He needs to be scared of me," said Dad. "He needs to know I'm the dominant male."
This foreshadows that the dad will not be very sentimental towards Zan in the future and will mostly be concerned about his project.
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