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Maria Theresa

of Austria-Hungary

lauren smith

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa Uncovered Life...Death...Dates of rule Absolutely Absolute! Friends & Enemies Successes & Failures A Lesson: Wars & Results: Eccentricity: Born: May 13, 1717

Died: November 29, 1780

Dates of Rule: 20 October 1740 – 29 November 1780 As a ruler she was very good for the country:
- she secured and alliance with France and Russia
- promulgated financial and political reform
- promoted commerce and the development of agriculture
- reorganized the military
- However she refused to allow religious toleration
- she also decreased the power of nobility
- also limited the amount of labor that nobles could force peasants to do
-"The peasantry must be able to sustain itself." Friends:
(At some points)
- Great Britain Austria VS Prussia
- They fought over the Duchy of Silesia because it is a very mineral rich province
- called," the jewel in the house of Austria"
- She lost Marshall Belle- Isle
- But Hungary was behind me all the way and finally crowned her 'king' of Hungary Success:
1.) Became 'King' of Hungary
2.) Won the Battle of Kolin
3.) secured an alliance with France and Russia
1.) Suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Mollwitz
2.) Lost Marshall Belle- Isle
3.) Lost Bohemia (was a bitter lost) - Trust no one
- Do not head into a war with less military power than your opponent
- Don't force your children to do things that aren't necessary (like go into a place where there is small pocks)
- Keep yourself emotionally detached from governing affairs
- when you see you will lose make a compromise BEFORE you lose what you were fighting for Maria Theresa-last words: This was a great women, she came over adversity, had power over a few countries, made great changes, and had 16 children! This is why many people and (of course) I respect and look in awe to this magnificent woman. Imperial Egg-Layer: - She was given this nickname because she had 16 children and two of them were Holy Roman Emperors "I have no issues with people who have no issues with me, my ideas, or my people." - This meant she was fine with everybody unless they didn't agree with her or people she supported. Symbol: - This was Maria Theresa's symbol because she was a very religious woman - She was visibly very cold to her children (ex. One of her daughters died and instead of mourning she married another daughter off to the dead ones fiance) but when her husband died she spent the rest of her life in mourning. The
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