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Reham Mahmoud

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of TASK 2

”Now is the time of Recycling“
it will be Egypt will be ranked as one of the developed countries as a result of protecting its environment and having solutions for rubbish's problems through safe and economic means.

our mission is to provide many services of recycling process, to protect environment, and to encourage recycling in order to convert rubbish into fuel. this can be used to produce power to guarantee a safe and healthy society for current and coming generations
1-Providing many of Garbage bins in the street
2-waste exploit various means
3 - baskets and carts feature a built-manufacturing garbage separation Garbage
4-disposal of non-recyclable resources securely in collaboration with specialized bodies
5-Wear few tracts of private land to bury the waste, leading to curb global warming
6-spread awareness of tuhe importance of environmental protection and proper exploitation
7-awareness of the importance of methane gas and use it to solve the problem of fuel and used for fuel for household and increase the production of organic fertilizers
8. provision of labor is by building factories and increase employment
9. agreement with the government on how to exploit inorganic materials such as oils in the production of petroleum products to help generate electricity

Short-term goals:
within a year and is working logic integrated handle, contain logic processing organic waste and which produces methane gas and compost and simple manner and is fermented and arising from any area near a public landfill waste.

Thank you!
Mid-range goals:
and is the presence of more than one branch of the region in the other provinces to get rid of organic waste nationwide.

Long-term goals:
is the entry and recycling industry plastic and cardboard and set up a company cleaner to supply raw material to the treated area


1. Availability of manpower
2. Provide a new product specifications and cost less


1. lack of material resources necessary
2. lack of modern technologies in Egypt
3. Non-availability of the necessary expertise to deal with machinery and technology


1. The availability of large quantities of waste, where Egypt produces about 70 million tons of garbage a year without any exploitation
2. weakness of competition compared to the huge amounts of waste
3. State's keenness to get rid of waste in healthy ways

1. Waste prices fluctuate
2. smuggling large quantities of waste to China illegally
3. lack of sufficient awareness within Egyptian society
4. acute shortage of land allocated for projects
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