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Student Guide for CIL Online

Please watch in full screen for better orientation

Hira MK

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Student Guide for CIL Online

Classical Islamic Learning Online
Student Guide Zaynab Academy Welcome to CIL Online!!
This step by step guide will explain to you how you can access and navigate your course sites. 1. You must enter your user name & password to log into site. 2. You are now at the Main Notice Board. Any important announcements regarding the course are posted on the main notice board. This side bar will contain the navigation block. Under this would be the following tabs:
•My home
•Site Pages
•My Courses
•Courses These tabs will also contain access to different pages of the moodle, apart from the course material. This includes pdf files, blogs, participants etc "My courses" will contain all the subjects in which you will be enrolled.

There will be another option "Courses". It will contain all the courses that are being currently offered by Zaynab Academy. When you click on
"My Courses" it will open a
list of subjects for your course e.g “Classical Islamic Learning Year 1” & all the other subjects. By clicking on the
subject you will be redirected to the subject forum page On your 1st login you must enter course keys for each subject to self-enroll yourself in that subject.
This is only done once for each subject & then you will be able to access the course.
Course keys are sent via email. Main Subject Forum Page 3. All relevant material will be uploaded by instructor here like class links, books , assignments. All announcements regarding the subject will be posted by instructor here Students can post questions regarding the subject here. Clicking on the class link will redirect you to the virtual classroom.
You must know your class schedule so that you know which class to attend on which day & at what time. 4. WIZIQ Virtual classes are conducted on WIZIQ (www.wiziq.com) You must click on “Join Class” Now you have joined the class.
Click on the "Launch Class" button to enter the classroom You have now access to your virtual classroom In case you have trouble with wiziq, try the “system and device check” offered by Wiziq to check whether your system meets requirements or not. How to enter the classroom? You must make an account on wiziq to attend the classes. Once your account has been made, simply click on the class link shown previously & it will redirect you to the class. For any further issues or problems, feel free to contact us.

Welcome aboard & Happy learning!!!
Wasalam, Zaynab Academy Online.
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