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STAR GAZING: How The STAR PCP Guides Students’ Goals & Outco

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Eric Vaughan

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of STAR GAZING: How The STAR PCP Guides Students’ Goals & Outco

During orientation (late spring/early summer)
Student & Parent Interview
Students are encourage to invite anyone in their life they feel can help them reach their goals.

The student,facilitator, and student's invited guests all fill-in the STAR together as team, helping shape the students goals both while in the program and the years to follow.
One of the many ways students in Project 10 STING RAY display their Self-Determination is by planning & presenting their Self-directed IEP
Academic Enrichment
Students in Project 10 STING RAY audit one course per semester. Students meet with their Curriculum Coordinator and Mentor Coordinator, they select a course that would benefit them with the future plans and use their STAR PCP as a guideline when selecting courses that align with their goals.
Career Development & Employment

The Students Transitioning to Adult Roles(STAR) Person Centered Panning (PCP) is a Person-Centered Planning process designed to ensure students with disabilities who are transitioning into postsecondary programs have the opportunity to plan their own future with the support and encouragement of other adults in their lives.
STAR GAZING: How The STAR PCP Guides Students’ Goals & Outcomes in STING RAY
Examples of
On-Campus Internships:
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Dept. of Leadership and Programming
Fitness Center @ USFSP
Waterfront & Sailing Center @ USFSP
Campus Mailroom
The Tavern at Bayboro
Career Center
Academic Advising
Department of Operations & Maintenance of Facilities
Examples of
Off-Campus Internships:
St. Pete Bakery
Practically Pikasso
St. Petersburg City Hall
Sunshine Recreation Center, part of St Pete Parks & Recreation
Meals on Wheels
Pet Pals Animal Rescue
Clay Center of St.Pete
Morean Arts Center
Painting with a Twist
Contemporary social problems
Crime in America
Peoples and Cultures of the World
Latin American Civilization
Spanish I and II
Music In Your Life
Environmental Science
American History
University Success
Literature in Childhood Education
Introduction to the Teaching Profession
Career Development
Career Empowerment
Public Speaking
English Composition I
Narration and Description
Principles and Concepts
Cultural Anthropology
Leadership Fundamentals
Marine Biology
Academic Courses Taken by Students in STING RAY
Self-Directed IEP
Independent Living
When the STAR interview is conducted, students are asked where they see themselves living in 5 or 10 years. Those answers help the staff of Project 10 STING RAY develop an individualized plan for the student to ensure he/she are able to live the independent lifestyles they set for themselves.
Students work with their mentors on skills such as:
Learning Public Transportation
Starting and maintaining a bank account
Creating budgets and food/shopping list

Campus & Community
Students are encouraged to begin planning goals for their college experience. Students align their goals with opportunities on campus and in the community. They make efforts to attend weekly meetings and engage as much as possible with their peers and mentors.
Paddle Boarding
Swimming Pool
Water Volleyball
CPR Training
Scuba Training
Kite Surfing/Wind Surfing

Fitness Center
Gym, Weights
Classes: Yoga, Hip Hop

Intramural Sports
Sand Volleyball
Flag Football
Davis Lounge/Game Room
Table Tennis
Air Hockey

Student Organization Events
Guest Speakers
Casino Nights
Poker Nights
Homecoming Carnival
Foam Party
Many More
Campus Activities
Events Hosted by
Bull Buds
Kickball on the Lawn

BBQ & Pool Party

Backyard Renovation


Mentor Appreciation Luncheon
Without mentors, none of this would be possible.

Candlelight Vigil & Memorial Kickball Game

Fundraiser for Casey's Tennis Camp at the Elk's Lodge

CareFest cleaning up the waterways

Bull Buds is a service based, student organization that was created in the Spring of 2012 to connect students in the STING RAY program with typical degree seeking students on campus. Using principles of inclusion and collaboration, STING RAY students have the opportunity to be the primary organizers of events, programs, or community service trips while being supported by their mentors and other members of the club.

It is important we emphasize the importance of service because students need to be aware of the give and take nature of all relationships we encounter.
In addition to service based and relationship building events, Bull Buds also tends a small plot at the Bayboro Garden, the campus community garden

Bull Buds was nominated and chosen as the Most Outstanding New Student Organization for the 2011-2012 school year at the Department of Leadership’s Annual Leadership Awards Banquet.
Danie Roberts-Dahm & Eric Vaughan
Project 10 STING RAY
University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Students are interviewed and selected for internships based on their STAR PCP goals.
Example: If a student's goal is to become a Chef, his/her internship may be at the campus dining facility.

These internships assist in developing skills they would need in the real world, such skills include:

Speech Journal
Text Message App
Public Speaking Practice
Teleprompter App
Record & Playback
Text Messaging
STAR PCP Framework
How PCP inform program (from entry to exit; outcomes)
Application & resources
The STAR PCP process allows students to develop a vision for the future:
where they want to live,
work they want to do,
relationships they want to build
Program Domains
The Process
Step 4
Action Plan!
Google Calendar
Assists with development of routine
Sends text and email reminders
Helps with coordinating schedules, establishing meeting times
Helps track student hours
Clock Hours
STAR PCP Template & PowerPoint
Step 1
Student's unique gifts & talents
Step 2
Student's own visions of his/her future
Step 3
Student's current status/skills in each domain
Student's future goals &
Action Plan by Domain
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