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Thilaxan Nantheesan

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of ED GEIN

Organized vs. Disorganized
Organized Disorganized
Crimes Committed
Sigmund Freud: Id, Ego, Superego.
Sigmund Freud: Oedipus Complex.
Full name: Edward Theodore Gein
Born: August 27, 1906
La Crosse County, Wisconsin
Died: July 26, 1984 (aged 77)
Madison, Wisconsin
Cause of death: Respiratory and heart failure due to cancer
Other names: The Plainfield Ghoul, The Mad Butcher
Criminal penalty: Not guilty by reason of insanity
Conviction(s): Murders

Crimes Committed
Police Investigation
Social Strain Theory.
Hedonistic: Lust killer.
Ed Gein was born on August 27, 1984 at La Crosse Wisconsin
Gein's family was a disaster because of the hatred between both parents and his father, George's drinking habits, laziness and abusive actions towards Edward and his brother
Augusta, Gein's mother was a Lutheran extremist who taught her boys about evil s of the world about wicked and how womens’ only use is to seduce a man in to evil
The outcome of the extreme chiseling teachings brainwashed Edward, to the equivalence that Gein never had sociating sexual feelings that a normal adolescent wold have and instead became attached to his mother.
Henry and Ed Gein was fighting brush fire in their own residence. Edward report him missing and lead the police to his dead body.
Ed Gein's mother died of a stroke on December 29,1945 this brought a new radical emotional and physiological emotions which changed Edward
Ed Gein was very close to his mother, and never dated woman or left his house. After her death, he became disturbed, spending time in cemeteries to dig up female bodies and cut off their body parts. In 1954 Gein turned to murder. In 1957 he was arrested for the murders of two women. While under investigation, police discovered he practiced necrophilia and human taxidermy. He was later found guilty of murder by insanity. He was placed in several criminal psychiatric institutions. He eventually died at the age of 77, in the Mendota Mental Health Institute, of respiratory failure. His killings created the inspiration for the film characters Norman Bates (Psycho) and Leather face (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).
Serial Killer
- Low Intelligence
- Severe Psychiatric Disturbance
- Socially Inept; loner
- No relationships outside of family
- No Premeditation
- Evidence is left at crime scene
- Reasonably Intelligent
- Body removed from scene
- Premeditated and carefully

- Socially Adept
In conclusion, Ed Gein is a
Serial Killer.
Modus Operandi
.22 Caliber Rifle
Signature Behaviours
- Hung victims from their feet

- Mutilated the bodies

- Made clothing from their skin and bones
- Ed Gein was a murderer and a grave robber
- He confessed to killing two women
- Would visit local cemeteries to dig up recently buried middle-aged women
- Took at least 9 bodies home
- In 1954, Gein murdered first victim Mary Hogan

- In 1957, Gein murdered second victim Bernice Worden
• This led him to read a lot of medical encyclopedias, books on anatomy. As well as being heavily interested in pornography and pulp horror novels.
• He would receive some sort of sexual gratification from wearing the women’s body parts. It is believed he himself desired to become a woman.
• Gein had developed an unhealthy fascination with the female anatomy.
• On November 21, 1957 Gein was arraigned with one account of first degree murder.
• He was found guilty by Judge Robert F. Golimar of first degree murder, but due to him being mentally insane he spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital (Mendota Mental Health Institute).
• On July 26, 1984 he died from respiratory and heart failure caused by cancer.
• After the murder of Bernice Worden; her son Frank who himself was a deputy sheriff, began the investigation to look for the murderer.
Ed Gein's farmhouse and car
Ed Gein's headstone
Mendota Mental Health Institute (Madison, Wisconsin)
(The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
Montaldo, C. (n.d.). What Possessed This Serial Killer to Dismember 15 Women?. About.com Crime / Punishment. Retrieved , from http://crime.about.com/od/murder/p/gein.htm
Blanco, J. I. (n.d.). EDWARD GEIN. Edward Gein. Retrieved , from http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g/gein-edward.htm
- Frank Worden, sheriff.
- Looked at last receipt led them to Gein's farmhouse.
- They found body parts throughout his house.
-It also led them to find Mary Hogan, and Bernice Worden's body.
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