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Erasmus Staff Development

Three weeks visiting libraries in Universita degli studi di Milano

Delyth Morris

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Erasmus Staff Development

Erasmus Staff Development
Universita degli studi di Milano
Delyth Morris
The University Libraries
30+ libraries now
No unified service because of this
Listed buildings make merging problematic
Information Literacy
Difficulties and solutions
-Metalib data shows problematic search strategies
- Academic opposition
- Credits are not offered to embed IL into courses
- Evidencing problems with usability tests
- Librarians sharing experience/resources (Resource Bank)
- Promote with flyers/welcome lectures
- Interactive e-guides
Customer Service
Difficulties and solutions
- Customer service not a priority
- Some refer to the students as the 'male' of the university
- User satisfaction survey every 6 years
- Survey always highlights the same problems:
a lack of seating (4000 seats for 70,000 students),
extended opening hours, more resources
Solutions (without spending!)
Social Networking
Difficulties and solutions
- Negativity in Italian literature:

'No library uses Facebook to 'post' teaching materials,
tutorials or podcasts [...] the prevalent use is promotion
and communication but not the provision of services [...]
libraries do not offer value-added services through their
Facebook pages.'
Casella, M, 2010. Comunicare con gli utenti: Facebook nella biblioteca accademica. 'Biblioteche oggi' 28(6) pp. 3-12

Mazzochi concludes that academic libraries would do better to focus and improve on internet tools that are already established. Library 2.0 causes the neglect of more important tasks.
Mazzocchi, J, 2011. Istruzione all'uso della biblioteca universitaria: gli strumenti online. 'Biblioteche oggi' 29(5) pp. 56-70
Going against the trend:
- Enthusiastic librarians see it as a useful tool for customer service and promotion of services regardless of negative literature
- Starting Facebook and Twitter accounts
- Popular blogs updated daily
- Writing guidelines
- Running competitions to gain followers
- Hoped it will be used to successfully promote Information Literacy sessions
- Faced with problems but are trying to tackle them
- Forwarding thinking with lots of concepts but still problematic eg.
- Online acquisitions built into LMS but the academics control the book purchasing
- RFID and mobile technology to locate books but will not roll out RFID
- Published article with Paola Foscaro
- Published article in SCONUL Focus
- Wrote for their blog

90+ libraries prior to mergers
One LMS 5 years prior to my visit
Cannot renew books from another library
Only faculty's students allowed in their library
Humanities faculty in old hospital building
Never weed
Share resources with public libraries
Opening hours:
Employ students
Promote Open Access - AIR
Purchasing consortium (Anti-mafia declaration)
Logistics of organising the trip
- Approaching an ERASMUS university
- Funding
- Language barriers
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