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The Amazon

No description

Year Six

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of The Amazon

Did You Know?
Creatures in the Amazon

The Amazon is the habitat of many creatures,such as the alligator, the flesh-eating piranha and the deadly electric eel.These are only a few of the Amazon's lurking beasts.
Where is the River located?
How Long is the River?
The Amazon River is approximately 6400 kilometers [or 4000 miles]long.On the odd occasion,the Amazon River can become as wide as 120 miles.
The Amazon

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the World!!
The Amazon is located in South America,in the Amazon Rainforest.It runs through Guyana,Ecuador,Venezuela,Bolivia,Brazil,Columbia and Peru.Also,the largest town on the river is manaus.
The first european to sail along the Amazon was Francisco de Orellana ,a member of the Spanish Army.After he had come back from his long journey,he said that there had been women tribal warriors and he named the river Amazonas for the warriors.
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