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moriah chreky

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


Final Exam Project Moriah Chreky Family Family My Brothers, Nessim, Carter, and Seon have been the two constant male members in my life that have shown me the true meaning of love and sacrifice. Family Recently, My step brother Trevor had a baby. At first I was not sure how to take it but after she was born, she turned my world into a whirlwind of wonder. Logan-Marie is her name and she is 1 year old. She has taught me how something so small can hold so much potential and be so pure, resulting in me to value the age of every life. Period 1 Family Family to me is very important. My little sister, Bryanna, has taught me how to learn to have fun and enjoy my youth along with being mature and a go-getter when needed. My Aunt Nicole has been my biggest role model since the day that I met her. By her being truly devoted to her children, Husband, and Family, she has taught me the roles of how a mother and wife should be. With her losing her mother to cancer, she still continues to be strong through it all; Lady bugs is a special signature that she loves and i hold dear to my heart as well. She has always been there for me in times of need and showed me to always love, no matter the circumstance ans let be
loved. Family With having a big family that calls for lots of cousins. Jordyn, Madison, Logan, Gavin,Dylan, Ashley, Danny, Nicole, Kylie, Kai, and Brooke have all had an impact on my life growing up. Each and every one of them have left a footprint on my heart. They showed me that I am never alone and the true importance of being there for someone. Family My Grandparents have played a significant role in my life. They have taken in my siblings, mom, and I when we had no where to stay, supported us when on one else could, and have loved us unconditionally, no matter the circumstance. Mommom and Poppop is what I call them and i hold them dear to my heart. Even with my grandmother growing up having to take care of her 9 brothers and sisters because of her mother being an alcoholic and extreemly abusive, being dirt poor(not even a second oair of shoes or a toothebrush,getting married at 17 then having 3 children, she still managed to keep it all together. My grandfather losing his father at a very young age caused him to have to grow up quickly as well.
They are the individuals
who showed me how to
be independent. Friends My friends have been such a great support system for me. Throughout the years I realized that its not about how many friends you have, its about the ones that are true to you. As the years go on it seems as though I have less and less friends, in actuality im just seeking out the real ones. With having real friends comes your own therapists, partners in crime, and a whole nother set of family. Throughout my High school years, I not only have learned a lot about others but I have learned a lot about myself. Starting junior year I fell in love with exploring new places and visiting places that i have never been to. I went to Punta Cana last summer and that was when I learned that different cultures can be just as beautiful. The people there danced everyday like it was the last time that they would ever be together. It gave me perspective. Seeing people just enjoy one anothers company showed me that its not about the things that you own, its about how you spend your time and how you treat others. This made me want to help people and inspire others to do well in what ever they choose. Experiencing Punnta Cana and thir people has made me want to make a difference,
" Be the change you want to see in the world."
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