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Moblink Profile

No description

Noor Ali

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Moblink Profile

Side B Mobilink Profile Mobilink GSM providing state-of-the-art communications solutions to more than 350,000 people in Pakistan.
It offers both post paid and the prepaid solutions to the customers.
Mobilink also offers cost efficient data services to its customers
Mobilink GSM Centers (Pakistan’s first franchised network in telecom.) There are 3 main branches and 16 franchises in Karachi. TOWS Analysis of Mobilink PORTER'S FIVE FORCES MODEL For Moblink Recommendations Company financial conditions are good even in economic down yet have been incurring huge expense.
The strategies Mobilink should focus on are:
Adopting innovative technology, mobile wallets and gift cards- Product Development and Mobilizing the Brand.
Global Expansion in Emerging markets-Market Development Market Penetration.
Backward integration over vendors for reduction in infrastructure maintenance cost and other expenses. Side A Mobilink's Strategic Management Prsented by:
Faiza Noor
Kulsoom Awan
Aqsa Mehwish
Noor-ul-Huda Vision Statement To be the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solution of our customers while exceeding shareholder values and employee expectations Mission Statement “ To be the unmatchable mobile system of communications in Pakistan, providing the best value to its customers, employees, business partners and share holders” Industry Life Cycle Market Share PRODUCTS OF MOBILINK Mobilink Indigo
Mobilink Jazz
Mobilink Black Berry
Mobilink PCO
Mobilink Wi MAX
Mobilink TV
SMS Advertiser
Fax Mail Mobilink Game
Mobilink Cricket SIM
Mobilink Conference Bridge
PSO Cards
PIA Reserves
Stock Watch
Corporate SMS SWOT Analysis of Mobilink STRENGTHS: Considered very strong and reliable
Captured most of the potential customers (28 million and growing)
Covering over 10,000 cities, towns and villages across the Pakistan
First operator to introduce IR for the people of Pakistan
Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway. Product Line •A very strong brand image
•Highest market share both in subscribers & revenue.
•Mobilink has roaming agreements in over 42 countries of the world.
•Mobilink's short message service center allows Vehicle Tracking and Fleet (VTF)Management services.
• Large number of corporate customers.
• Economy of scale.
.•Only company offering corporate packages STRENGTHS Conti.... WEAKNESS: •Currently providing not good quality service because of changing their network from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz.
•Fewer advertisements now days.
•Most expensive telecom company both in call rates and SMS
•Engineering department of Mobilink is not that well competent as compared to its new competitors
•Customer retention Side is weak due to expensive package OPPORTUNITIES: •Can expand its networks in the uncovered areas
•Services in the future can be
•Calling Cards
•Mobile Phone Banking
•Before start of new companies can target as many new customers as they can.
•Can lower prices to make business difficult for new companies THREATS: •New market players are coming in near future.
• New companies can offer packages for corporate customers in better way.
• Wireless local loop service providers too targeting areas which are less developed.
• Current price war may reach at a position where only brand names survive
• Due to expensive quality of service now a days customers can shift to other companies.
•Employee retention is also issue because mobilink fired 1000 employees in October 2008.
•Loss of loyal customer Competitors: EXTERNAL FACTOR EVALUATION (EFE) MATRIX OF MOBILINK Opportunities total weighted score is1.88
Threats total weighted score is 1.37
Mobilink EFE is 3.25 Interpretation: *Mobilink have total weighted score is 3.25. Its indicates that above average weighted score. Mobilink is responding in an outstanding way to existing opportunities and threats in its industry.
*Mobilink have existing strategies is effective and is able to handle the threats and how we drive benefits from opportunities. INTERNAL FACTOR EVALUATION (IFE) MATRIX OF MOBILINK Interpretation Strengths total weighted score is 2.10
Weakness total weighted score is 1.03
Mobilink EFE is 3.13 The total weighted score value of Mobilink is 3.13 which means company internal position is better and the company is strong internally.
Mobilink's strategies are taking advantage of its strengths and keep weakness at bay. Critical Profile Matrix (CPM): Interpretation: Mobilink and Telenor are superior due to having an much greaterscore then Ufone.
Mobilink "position" is best, as indicated by a score of 3.36;
Ufone is the weakest firm overall, as indicated by a total weighted score of 2.81 BCG Matrix (Boston consulting Group ): Space Matrix Financial Strength average is +21/6=3.50
Environmental Stability average is -18/5=-3.60
Competitive Advantage average is -12/4=-3
Industry Strength average is +32/6=5.33
Directional vector Co-ordinates:
X-axis = -3.00 + (+5.33) = 2.33
Y-axis= -3.60 + (+3.50) = -0.1 Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix QSPM Internal External Matrix IEM Doing some easy calculations in the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix QSPM, we came to a conclusion that acquiring a competing company is a better option. This is given by the Sum Total Attractiveness Score figure. The Improve Services And Gain Market Share via adopting MVNO,MVNE& UTMS Technology yields higher score than the internal expansion strategy. The Improve Services And Gain Market Share via adopting MVNO,MVNE & UTMS Technology strategy has a score of 7.87 in the QSPM shown above whereas the Backward Integration over their Infrastructure vendors and supplier to reduce cost and expenses strategy has a smaller score of 6.270. Cell I suggest thegrow and build strategy for Black berry, Indigo and World. This means intensive and aggressive tactical strategies. Mobilink should focus on market penetration, market development, and product development. From the operational perspective, a backward integration, forward integration, and horizontal integration should also be considered.
Cells V suggest the hold and maintain strategy for Jazz and Infinity. In this case, Mobilink’s tactical strategies should focus on market penetration and product development.
For all divisios Mobilink should do:
Backward, Forward and Horizontal Integration.
Market Penetration.
Market Development.
Product Development. Interpretation: Mobilink is with major competitive advantage and is financially strong in a high growth industry.

Mobilink should peruse Competitive Strategy:
Backward, Forward and Horizontal Integration.
Market Penetration.
Market Development.
Service Development. Interpretation: Competitive Advantage of Mobilink Market Leader The Mobilink is with largest share of about 60% market share.
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