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Payback Time by Sam Duker

No description

Ty Wehr

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Payback Time by Sam Duker

Payback Time Exposition Mitch also sensed something suspicious about Coach’s motivations when he noticed a new player on the team, Angel Marichal, with undeniable raw talent, speed, and agility. Angel seemed older than the other players and he refused an interview, while Coach hid Angel on the bench and only put him in games when the team got to the brink of losing. Rising Action Climax Mitch knows Angel's attackers are planning to attack him after the state title game. Mitch knows he has to do something and quick, so he slashes their tires allowing Angel to leave the Tacoma Dome safely. Angel is now able to live out the rest of his life in peace as he play his collegiate football career in Canada. Resolution Falling Action by Carl Deuker As the sports reporter for his high school newspaper, Mitch True had received strict marching orders from the football coach: every story he wrote about the football team would focus on the star quarterback. Coach said it was Mitch’s job to get the QB plenty of publicity to improve his chances of getting a scholarship at a big name Division I school. Together with photographer Kimi Yon, they do some research on Angel. They end up finding out he's actually a transfer from Philadelphia, but they also knew coach wanted to win the state championship so he could return to coaching at the collegiate level. Angel is moved here to try and get rid of a bad gang that didn't like him and they feared they would hurt Angel. Mitch has been waiting for a story like this, he finally feels like this story could be the one story that defines him as a reporter, but there is one problem Angel's life may be in danger.
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