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No description

pilvi kupiainen

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Westies

When westies
are puppies their
ears are cutely down
like this: The westie is a game,hardly appearing compact terrier with
loads of self-esteem. Westie history Westie early history I chose this topic By:Pilvi 5ML Hello today I am going to teach you about WESTIES One day a Scottish hunter went hunting
with his
Cairn terrier.The hunter accidentally
shot his
dog thinking she was a
fox. Though these dogs are small
they are NOT lapdogs!!!!! Standing 10 to 11 inches
(25-28) cm tall on sturdy legs. Author Westie features the hunter
wanted to
breed a white dog
to go hunting with.. Westies are fast thinkers.

Westies should be introduced CAREFULLY to cats. All westies need toys.
A westie and the season Autumn
are a perfect match. The author of this book is
Dan Rice.The illustrations are
drawn and added by Michele Earle-Bridges.Both of them were interested in westies. and illustrator .. I chose this topic because I have
a westie female named Namu.
Always when we do these reports the first
thing in my mind of Westies..If you are interested in Westies come along with me and lets find out more! Westie
is a ahort name for:West highland white terrier. Here is a little intro video
for you so then you would think that wetsies are the cutest dogs ever! ( You dont have to)
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