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Primary Source Analysis

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Tyler Edwards

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Primary Source Analysis

Creation by Atum
Circa 3100 B.C.E.
Ancient Egypt
Author was most likely some sort of prophet with the god named Atum speaking through him
Why is this source interesting?

This source is interesting because it tells the story of how Atum created everything. Since the origins of this are so old, it is cool that there is something that allows us to get a representation of ancient religions.
Religion and Government
This text focuses on who the Egyptians believed in, and what they practiced.
Primary Source Analysis
Tyler Edwards, Ronald Leach, Dameon Grayson, Jasper Thompson, Madeline Fay, Frank, Eslly Nolasco
Circa 2400 B.C.E.
Ancient Egypt
The sculptor of this was most likely close to the pharaoh and was instructed to create this in honor of the gods.
Why is this source interesting?
This source is interesting because the statue is very detailed and a creative art piece. The statue also represents the current views of society towards the pharaohs and gods.
Relationship between Religion and Government
The statue depicts the three gods wearing headdresses similar to the one that the pharaoh wore, inferring that the current pharaoh was close to the gods.
Tracts for the Times: The Catholic Church
Written in 1998
Written in St. John's Square, London
John Henry Newman Co is the author. He was a Catholic Cardinal and theologian, who was a prominent figure in the history of religion in England
Osiris and Isis and Horus
Relevance to topic
It reveals that they believed that the intersection for others salvation could not come from the church but instead from ones personal belies and actions, they also believed in eternal life as well as in the catholic church.
Why is this interesting?
It is interesting because it talks about how some of the texts in the bible are absurd to human kind. That if we don't participate in the politics of our society, our rights will be taken away. It also says that if God allows our society to actually be a well organized government, it was because he wanted man to participate in important decisions.
The Life of a Refined Roman Gentleman
62-113 B.C.E.
Roman Empire
Written by Pliny the Younger, who was a lawyer and magistrate in Ancient Rome.
Relevance to Topic
This text portrays the ideals of what a good Roman should be: well educated, physically fit, mentally fit. It gives a good idea of what societal standards should be.
Why is this source interesting?
This is particularly interesting because there is no mention of work or having a job. Pliny figures that a well educated person should not have to work.
The Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe
written in 2009 by Steven Marini
Marini has a background in Education of Religion
Relevance to Topic
Shows how Catholicism flourished throughout Europe with the help of missionaries. The hope was to find new land to spread religious beliefs.
Why is this source interesting?
It is interesting because not only does it show how Catholicism spread throughout Europe, but also to the Americas as well.
Babylonian Penitential Psalms
~1700 B.C.E.
Ancient Babylon
Author is unknown, but it was most likely a leader of some society
Relevance to topic
This is one of the earliest forms of a type of organized religion and it shows what members of this particular society must do when they feel they have sinned. It also points out that nobody is immune to sin, no matter where in the social hierarchy they sit.
Why is this source interesting?
This source is interesting because the document is so old, there are not many things we have from this time period. There are many parallels between this prayer and contemporary prayers which is interesting considering this was for an ancient religion.
Coffin Texts
2250 B.C. - 1580 B.C.
Ancient Egypt
The authors were most likely the Pharoahs themselves.
Relevance to topic

The quotes that appear on the inside of the coffins depict the pharaohs as being equal to the gods, and created specially by the gods.
Why is this source interesting?

This source is interesting because long before we see an official linking of church and state as a form of government, the Ancient Egyptions practically saw their leaders as an extension of the gods themselves.
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