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Hello :)

No description

Geraldine Tay

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Hello :)

Sze Yau
Geraldine Historical Development The founders, Manoj Murjani & Taha Bouqdib, met in Paris and shared their passion for Tea 2003 2008
First TWG in Singapore was
born in Republic Plaza! TWG Tea is established 2007 Singapore Airlines added
TWG Tea to their menu 2009 First global branch:
Jiyugaoka city, Tokyo 2010 Osim International bought a 35%
equity stake in TWG Tea 1) The TWG story
2) SWOT analysis
3) Corporate strategy
3) Recommendations Group 1:
Sze Yau
Geraldine The TWG Tea Story The Wellness Group

Asia's first luxury tea brand

Serves the finest tea from all over the world, tea patisseries, and savoury mains. TWG Territory 2002 2007 2008 2009 2010 TWG sold in
Dean & DeLuca, New York. TWG sets up retail outlet in
Harrods, London Contents 2011 2012
Many more soon followed TWG opens in Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur
Philippines TWG Tea opens in TWG Tea Boutiques the official venue
for VIP Fashion Night Out &
Singapore's Haute Couture Fashion Week. STRENGTHS S O W T Analysis 1. Well-developed
product mix 2. Innovations and Continuous New Product Development 3. Good Supply Chain Management 5. Unique Selling Proposition WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 1. Inadequate Advertisement 2. Limited Market Coverage 1. Health & Wellness Trend 2. Asia's Luxeplosion 3. Increased Global Environmental Conciousness 1. Competition 2. Product Substitution & Changing Consumer Tastes 3. Climate, Labour and Trade Issues An average of 36% annual growth after 2009 Corporate Strategy Recommendations Capitalizing on the
Health Benefits of Tea Penetrate the China Market Cultivate brand loyalty Thank you for your kind attention. DIFFERENTIATION POSITIONING:
TWG Tea as luxury Tea Adopt a Societal
Marketing Orientation Target new
market segments TARGET MARKETING Dividing the market of tea consumers into different segments, ie, high-end, mid-range, low-end MARKET SEGMENTATION (Report Linker) DIFFERENTIATION & POSITIONING Strong positioning as a luxury tea

In-house tea tasters travel to over 1000 tea plantations to sample teas

Seasonal tea blends

Extravagant dining settings and ambience

Staff's professional knowledge about the variety of tea blends. TWG Tea retains the largest largest market share in Asia's luxury tea market. Membership system
sponsor club marketing programs Recommendations
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