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Deconstructing Media Products.

No description

rebecca willcocks

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Deconstructing Media Products.

This is the movie trailer for Avengers 2 age of ultron. The purpose of this trailer is to show viewers a preview of what to expect in the movie, they show the best parts of the movie and characters in it to make the consumers want to watch it. The trailer shows clearly that the movie is fictional as you have superheroes, robots etc. and would come under the genre science fiction.
This is the trailer to series 1 of game of thrones. straight off you can tell that the era of the programme is a long time ago by the way they dress, their weapons and the horses. The trailer shows strong family values and leadership. it features the 4 main houses in the programme and shows how much they differ. You can not really tell from the trailer but the series is fictional as it features magic and mythical creatures such as dragons. The genre of the series would be drama, action, adventure and science fiction with a slight hint of comedy every now and then.
Deconstructing Media

Heat magazines purpose is to entertain. It features gossip, fashion, celebrity news etc. Its target audience would be mainly females from teenagers onwards.
This is the music video to Ed Sheeran song thinking out loud, the genre of the song shows very well with the words and the music video, which are both romantic, with him singing about love and the music video in a romantic setting. The purpose of the music video is to entertain.
digital games
YouTubes purpose is to entertain. You can watch movie trailers, listen to music and even watch episodes of tv programmes. It also shows examples of things you could view.
C.O.D black ops 2 is a game with the purpose of entertaining. It is a shooting game played in first person view point.
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