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Paul's 3rd Journey

No description

Elle Woodrow

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Paul's 3rd Journey

Paul's Third Journey
By Elle, Zandrie and Angela
Map Video
Detailed Journey
Spoke to Whom
Main Messages
- left Antioch and travelled throughout Galatia and Phygia
- in and near Ephesus for three months
- Tyrannus
- This went on for two years, so that all Greeks and Jews in Asia heard about the Lord
- Set out for Macedonia
- Arrived in Greece, stayed three months
- About to sail to Syria, then decided to return to Macedonia
- Went to Philippi, then Troas for a week
- Went to Assos, then Mitylene, then Chios
- Samos, then Miletus, Kos, Rhodes, Patara
- Phoenicia, Syria, Tyre
- Ptolemais, then finally Jerusalem

- some disciples who had never heard of the Holy Spirit
- spoke in multiple synagogues, churches,
- performed many miracles to the sick and demon possessed
- elders of the church, reminding them not to stray from God’s Word

· Preached and teached about The Gospel of Jesus Christ

· Many miracles, including the healing of the sick and casting out demons

· Baptized men in the name of the Lord Jesus

· Turn people away from sorcery and from the demons and to introduce and baptize them in the name of Jesus

· He says he knows he will be imprisoned and persecuted soon, but it does not worry him as long as he has finished what God wants him to do

· That is why he told them to be on guard and that false teachers will come in without mercy, trying to draw away disciples and make them followers of themselves

· They need to help the weak and remember Jesus said, ‘To give is happier than to receive’

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