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No description

lisa swanny

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of bananas

THE PHENOMENON BEHIND EVERY BANANA Now that you know that a banana
is not just a fruit
and that there lies a lot more behind it
than what you thought
A banana can symbolize plenty of problems, such as: ENVIRNOMENT SOCIAL ECONOMY I suggest that corporations that buy bananas should directly contact banana farmers and not work through... ... if possible. This way lives of banana farmers and workers will be improved. Working through fair trade farmers and workers lose money, they will receive a larger part of the money. Farmers should not work directly with companies that will exploit them, but should with reputable companies that will pay reasonable prices to ensure that workers and farmers get their fair share. (Fair trade is an option even if they take a cut) Farmers should go back to planting various crops to increase fertilization, because without rich fertilized soil the bananas won't tast as good and won't grow as efficient They need to stop spraying herbicides and pesticides. They are endangering banana worker's health, and making them drop like flies. Also we should stop messing with the environment and allow nature to take it's own course and halt chopping down large areas of land for banana plantation corporations. Some children are caught up in this business
and skip school in-order for YOU to be able to buy a banana in the store (sometimes they don't even get paid). This has a large impact on their social lives. They no-longer get to play and socialize with their friends, with kids their own age, they step into a big man's world by skipping their childhood. I believe a law should be put in place by the countries, farmers or by the corporations who are buying these bananas, that state: "All children must at least be at the age of 17 or older" Therefore I'm also suggesting that companies such as: Safeway, Save-on-Foods, Wal-Mart etc. should all directly communicate with banana farmers and workers and not work through fair trade or any other company. I want these companies to make sure banana workers and farmers are getting a fair share of this, for they are the ones who are making this possible. Without farmers there wouldn't be bananas to be picked by workers and there would be no bananas for us to eat. Both Starbucks and Tim Hortons are doing something for their coffee workers. In 2005 Tim Hortons started a project where they contribute in the fight against poverty that is found among their coffee workers and where they get their coffee from. You wouldn't want to live in a world like that,
then why should they?
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