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No description

Dayne Garant

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Sudbury

Getting There
I will have my parents drive me to Barrie.
My family will meet us in Barrie and drive me the rest of the way.

Where I Plan To Stay
I plan to stay in my cottage.
It is outside the city and on a lake, by very small mountans and forest. Food
I will get food from my family, from fishing, shopping and picking wild berries.
Things I Plan to do
I would like to go fishing at Dill Lake every day
I would like to Spend the day at a beach
I am going to go to the Science North for a day
I am going to go for a walk through the mountains and forest by my cottage
Go for a tour through one of the mines
Visit where my grandfater grew up as a boy he Hewq Hai Climate
It is colder in Sudbury than it is in Essex County becasuse it is further north.
Other than the cooler conditions, the climate is pretty much the same. Currency/Exchange
Since Sudbury is in Canada i will not need any currency exchange. Safety Concerns
Some of the satety concerns are: Bears, falling and hurting myself, drownding while swimming, cold at night.
This is a safe trip for me because i have family that lives in Sudbury, and because i know the area because i have gone there for as long as i can remember. There are also other cottages around Dill lake so i will not be alone.
The weather may also be a safty concern. Where Im Going
Sudbury Ontairo
I want to go there beacause that is where my grandfather is from. I used to have a small cottage on a lake, and i want to go there becasue the country surrounding it is amazing.
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