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No description

Rafał Wisiński

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of Conditionals

We use only in situation of a real and facts
Zero conditional
Second conditional
First conditional
If + Present Simple + Present Simple or Present Simple + if + Present Simple
When we use
If you don't drink, you are thirsty.
If you sleep well at night you feel relaxed.

We use in future situations possible and realistic
If + Present Simple + Future Simple (will + the basic form of the verb)

Future Simple + if + Present Simple
When we use
If you are hungry, we will go to the restaurant.
Will he buy a new car if his wife passes a driving test?

We use in the present and future situations unrealistic and impossible
If + Past Simple + Future Simple in the Past (would + the basic form of the verb)

Future Simple + if + Present Simple
When we use
If I were you, I wouldn't buy this terrible blouse.
My friend would go around the world if he won a lot of money in lottery.

The End
Author: Rafał Wisiński III A
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