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Anne Arundel Health System Overview

No description

Robin Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Anne Arundel Health System Overview

Vision 2010 Our Staff Service Volumes Admissions Births Length of Stay Surgery Cases Emergency Department
Services Staffing after EPIC Working down Meditech (dual systems) but focus staff on learning EPIC

Shifted prep from Analysis staff to scanning team
(decrease of 2.0 FTE's in analysis)

Overtime to support scanning

Chart Completion and ROI remained static Conversion ADT
Scanning & Archiving (31 million documents)
- Form conversion matrix
ROI Requestor Database
Chart Tracking
Downtime Forms System Structure (BE/AE) Transcription Stats New Concepts with EPIC Environments
TST (Test)
POC (Proof of Concept)
PRD (Production)
Shadow (PRD + 5 min)
SUP (Support - copy of PRD on Fridays)
MRN, Account, Encounter/Contact
Auto Deficiency Assignment
Declined/Done Deficiencies
Print Groups
DEMO Lessons we are learning Transition Registration at the same time!
Test Recurring accounts
Does dictation occur when patient isn't present?
Clean up Order Sets and get them approved
Set up of Employee/Provider records (consolidate MD databases)
More Lessons Provider Documentation
- Template control
- Regulatory Requirements
- Impact on CMI
Business Continuity Plan
Patient Satisfaction
Remote Users
MyChart for Employees
Preference Lists More of...What's Next TOUR 852 Medical Staff Members
Hospitalists, PA's, NP's, CRNP's, CNM's and Surgical Residents
3,000 employees
500 Auxilians
Organization Structure
History 1902: Annapolis Emergency Hospital
1944: Auxiliary
1984: Foundation
1985: Anne Arundel Diagnosics
1992: Pathways Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program
1995: Clatanoff and Wayson Pavilions open
2001: Acute Care Pavilion
2009: Health Sciences Pavilion
2011: South Tower (spring opening)
General Surgery
Cancer Institute/Radiation Oncology
Brain Center
Spine Center
Breast Center
Wound Center
Women’s Center for Pelvic Health
50 Inpatient beds
8 new OR Suites
Expanded ED
New Pediatric ED
New Pediatric Unit More of...What's Next Meditech Upgrade
Ambulatory Rollouts
EPIC Upgrade to Summer '09
EPIC Beacon (Med Onc)
Varian's ARIA (Rad Onc) What's Next Orders
Order Sets
Order Management
Results Presentation
Core Measures
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