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Medieval Europe feudal pyramid

This is a prezi about medieval Europe's feudal pyramid with a definition of chivalry.

Sara Fallah

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Medieval Europe feudal pyramid

The feudal pyramid is made up of four main parts:
King or Queen
Nobles had their knights fight for the king. Many were knights themselves. Nobles protected, fed, and payed taxes to the king so they could live on his land.
A knight was a warrior who had to fight in battle. They were supposed to follow the code of chivalry, but usually didn't. Knights also gave land to serfs on their estates, and in return for land, the serfs had to take care of their estates and crops.
Definition of chivalry

the medieval knightly system with its religous, moral, and social code
The serfs grew food and raised livestock on a knights land in return for a place to stay. They made money by selling the surplus of food they had.
Kings or Queens
The king or queen was the leader of their territory. They let nobles and knights live on their land if they provide him with armies.
Medieval Europe feudal pyramid
By Sara Fallah
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