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No description

Noelle Schmitt

on 20 November 2016

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Transcript of Badlands

- Chemical and Biological weathering
- Animals = Biological
- Rain = Chemical

- Dry Terrain
- Rocks, Clay and Soils
- Eroded by wind and water
- 1 inch per year
- 500,000 years ago Rivers captured streams and rivers
- Erosion dominated over deposition
- Black hills
-Cheyenne River
- Drive around Badlands Highway
- Visit fossil prep lab
- Hike trail
- Night watching
- Camping
Thank you!
What is Badlands National park?
-National Park
-Southwestern South Dakota in United States.
-3,340 feet (1,020 m)
-Mako sica or Land bad


Neesha Joshi

Activities you can do in Badlands National Park.

How will badlands National park change over time?
- More steep canyons and towering spires will form
- Formed by Natural forces
- Plunge pools

Cheyenne River
Black Hills
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