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Copy of Media Literacy

No description

kc potter

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Media Literacy

Media Literacy
Got Milk?
Beats by Dre
First you might asking yourself, "What is subtext?"

In the following clip how does the young boy feel about the man?
Who paid for the media and why (Author)?
What is the format? (Print, commercial, etc.)
Who is being targeted (Audience)?
What kind of lifestyle and/or values are being expressed?
What tools to persuade you are being used?
What is the text of the message?
What is the subtext?
For each of the following you will be asked:
Subtext is what is NOT being said (like an inference)
The boy never SAYS that he loves his father. However, the subtext of the clip shows us that he does by his imitating actions.
Now on to the REAL practice!
Media literacy is the ability to understand how mass media works, how it produces meaning, how it is organized, and how to use it wisely.
The purpose of media literacy is to empower people to understand the mass media and how it works so that they can be in control of this important aspect of their own lives.

To look is one thing,
To see what you look at is another,
To understand what you see is a third,
To learn from what you understand is still something else:
To act on what you learn is all that matters.
-- Taoist saying

For today's lesson in media literacy we are going to focus on print and commercial advertisements.
The purpose of advertising is to persuade someone to do/purchase something.
In order for companies to do this they have to employ a variety of "Language Arts" skills.
Now, if you filled out your chart you will notice that all of the companies used different types of ads, lifestyles, persuasive techniques, and utilized a LOT of subtext to appeal to a wide range of people. They do this so they can sell more...keep that in mind next time you encounter an advertisement!
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