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Renaissance: 7th Grade

No description

Ricky ODonnell

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Renaissance: 7th Grade

Ricky O'Donnell 7th Grade Social Studies: The Basics Content Area Standards Student N.E.T.S Teacher N.E.T.S Content Area: Social Studies

Curriculum Topic: The Renaissance

Grade Level: Seventh Ability to address significant events/theses in world history.

Knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Characteristics of social and cultural institutions. Students should understand the cultural and societal interests of technology. Students use technology to collect data and information from a variety of sources. Exploring the Renaissance Content Summary:

-The Renaissance is a period of immense change across Europe that changed the world in terms of culture, government, economics, and daily life.

-Interactive for students

-Provides lesson plans for teachers

www.renaissanceconnection.org Resource #1: The Renaissance Connection Resource #2: Renaissance Think Quest -Fun activity, teaches students through exploration

library.thinkquest.org/c005356/index2.htm Resource #3: Microsoft Word -Basic software that students will use for the remainder of their academic career Resource #4: Harry Potter's World -Gives students Renaissance information about medicine and scientific advances

-Uses Harry Potter to capture the interest of students, and build their investigative and critical thinking skills

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/harrypottersworld/onlineActivities.html Resource #5: Creative Renaissance Lesson Plans -Gives unique lesson plans on often overlooked areas of the Renaissance period.

-Provides different formats and programs for lessons.

-Detailed instructions with clear educational goals.

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