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New France

No description

Holmesville student24

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of New France

New France France
-colonization Samuel de Champlain The founding of New France Fur Trade
-Coureur de bois Exploration
-Find new lands to trade with Relations with the First Nations
-alliances the allies when they battled the iroquois with the montaigonais They discovered vast amounts of land to expand the fur trade they earned very good trust among the first nations and got more furs got 100 people living there in 20 years including the courers de bois etc.
the habitation was what started it all.
he expanded the fur trade after the monopoly was cancelled to keep it going. the coureurs de bois expanded it to increase the fur trade but also played a huge part in exploration tried to bring settlers to new france and only got 100 to live there in 20 years also increased population by bringing christianity there.
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