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American Psycho vs A clockwork orange

No description

Hodan Mousa

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of American Psycho vs A clockwork orange

American Psycho vs. A Clockwork Orange
American Psycho
A Clockwork Orange
American Psycho: Summary
Set in Manhattan during wall street boom of the late 1980s, it's about a life of a wealthy young investment banker Patrick Bateman. He works as a banker with good reputation, unleashes his human darkness at night.
A Clockwork Orange: Summary
A Clockwork Orange unfolds in the dark and chilly streets of a futuristic city. Alex, the 15-year-old leader of a violent teenage gang, narrates to us in an odd slang (nadsat) Alex introduces his entourage of criminals – Peter, Georgie, and Dim – and proceeds to take us on an eye-opening journey of ultra-violent crimes inflicted upon helpless innocent people.
Thesis statement
The use of violence is not only to contrast the forces of good and evil, but also to cause readers to look within themselves at their own capacities for cruelty.
Argument 1: Violence
- He murders his new victims in his apartment and eating human flesh he slowly looses his mind and goes out of control.
- Bateman's psychotic mind leads him to murder his colleague Owen
Similarities & Differences
They both share a burning hatred towards financially unstable people and have both committed several acts of sexual assault.
Argument 2:Life style/Personality traits
American Psycho
A Clockwork Orange
Alex is the vicious leader of a gang of criminals who occasionally go to school by day and then rape by night.
- Bateman is particular, to the point of obsession, with details in his life.
- He is completely numb to everything and everyone, only seeing other people as materials and objects
- Torture and murder are the two true loves of Patrick Bateman.
A Clockwork Orange
- Fifteen-year-old Alex has this burning need for brutality.
- Him, along with his three "droogs," Dim, Peter, and Georgie, partake in vicious acts of violence against completely innocent victims purely for entertainment purposes.
American Psycho
The differences is that while Alex kills with his friends, there faces are all covered with masks whereas Patrick is alone and lets his victim see his face before killing them
The Similarities
The similarities between the two characters are that they're innocent in their society.
American Psycho
A Clockwork Orange
- Alex is portrayed as two different people living within the same body
- He is a lunatic who only enjoys life when he is destroying the lives of others.

- Patrick Bateman is a psychotic twisted man who views killing as a hobby.
Do i recommend these books?
Beware of the language in Clockwork Orange
Cutter & Pretty polly = "money"
Hound-and-horny = "corny"
Appy-polly loggies = "apologies"
Cheena = "woman"
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