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IKEA Twitter Initiative

No description

Kat Wesley

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of IKEA Twitter Initiative

IKEA is a privately owned Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble:

Home decor

IKEA owns and operates 332 stores in 38 countries (Hawkes 2013).

'To create a better everyday life for the many people' (IKEA corporate website 2013).
Poor website usability
Need to use a platform to enhance interaction with consumers
Over the course of 3 months, the progress of the campaign was evaluated using :

Twitter Analytics

Google Analytics

Company Website Views

Increase in business catologue subscribers

Online Sales
Interactive App

Online Catologue

Viral Marketing Campaigns

International Twitter

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
The majority of content is visual. Chadwick & Doherty (2012) explain that illustrations are vital to build engagement.
Customers find Facebook hard to use as a platform to communicate with the company

Milleti (2010) Twitter ensures that fast research is being conducted to the rights sales lead at the right time.

Forbes (2012) use of Twitter only effective if companies take time to listen to the consumers and share exclusive and unique content.
Doesn't focus on B2B market
Doesn't replicate the in store experience online
To encourage consumers to visit the online store.
To increase customer satisfaction through engagement and support.
To keep consumers interested through competitions and promotions.
To replicate the in-store 'wow' experience online.
To increase communication with B2B market.
To get more consumers to sign up to IKEA family.
To ultimately increase online page view conversion rates.

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To create a Twitter profile which engages with customers through:

Providing information
Offering promotions
Inspiring/Creative Content
Customer Service
IKEA UK currently do not have a Twitter account. Moth (2013) notes that IKEA’s US feed shows how useful Twitter can for interacting with customers.

The Guardian (2013) suggests Twitter
is a useful tool for those companies based
Although IKEA are a visual
brand, their Facebook and Pinterest account
already accounts for this.

Introduction of a Twitter will enhance the
of the social media as a whole.

After surveying 40 individuals, 80% of individuals chose Twitter over other forms of social media to communicate with a company.
Hinton & Hjorth (2013) suggest the richness of Twitter posts comes from the use of hashtags, which allow people to track issues rather than individuals.

Hashtag’s will be relevant to the topic of the day:

Faith and Forlano et al (2011) Twitter allows a sense of
public familiarity.

Facebook 'Likes'
Tweeted by customers
Mandiberg (2012) note of a potential drawback of Instant messaging services like Twitter that news can be disseminated so rapidly that it bypasses normal editorial control, potentially leading to incorrect and misleading reports being released which are then left to readers to analyse and evaluate.

Competitions and promotions will be posted frequently to
engage customers
and to keep the content new and inspiring. Peattie (1995) argues the success of a competition can be reliant on how the product itself compares to the prize on offer therefore a sufficient incentive will be offered.

Benefits of a social media competition (Doctor 2013):
Boost your online reputation
Gain more followers creating brand awareness.
Keep the content relevant throughout the competition period to maintain interest

Key risks of competitions (Sheridans, 2014):
Rules not being clear
Competition not being suitable to all markets

Faith and Forlano et al (2011) explain that tapping into competitive and collaborative consumer instincts where users share develop and share their own content, adds a
new dimension to online participation.
Email Marketing
Twitter is a
that consists of short messages rather than long (Java et al 2007).

Combination of both social media and social networking, resulting in
real time public broadcasting
with the content propagated by it's users Murphy (2013)

Manovich (2001) Twitter is a
digital 'object

Twitter is a
short, snappy and speedy
social networking tool (Weber 2007).
Short posts means higher frequency than an egocentric blog, quick reflections mean the social network is constantly active (Murthy 2013).
Users can decide whose messages they receive, but not who receives their messages. Therefore IKEA know the people following want to here what they have to say (Murth 2013).
Twitter users feel they are 'writing to a wall' and not an audience therefore can be argued not as valuable as speaking over the phone (Niedzviecki 2009).
Communicating is restricted to 140 character format (Murthy 2013).
Increase in followers
Cyr & Head (2010) describe the impact of colour on emotions or behaviors in website design.

According to Wilson (1966) when designing a website long- wavelength colours (red and yellow) are more negatively arousing than short-wavelength colours
(e.g., blue and green)
. The theme of the Twitter page is blue and green with simplistic designs of the IKEA website. The theme will change based on the season.
Cotrell (2014) Twitter is only a powerful marketing tool if the content is
Frequency: Twice a day
Frequency: Once a day
Frequency: Once every other day
Frequency: 3 times a week
Milleti (2010): engagement in b2b selling is becoming increasingly more social.

In 2013, the interactive edition of the IKEA catalogue app was downloaded almost 10 million times! (IKEA Facts and Figures 2013). There is 59 editions of the app, showing the importance of the Twitter account to be mobile-friendly and compatible with any smartphone.
Share- Space
Estimated monthly traffic (visits) for IKEA.com
Trafficestimate.com (2014)
Now owned by Twitter, short looping videos max 6 seconds. Easier to watch on a mobile than a youtube video. (Social Bakers 2013)
Although Twitter analytics will be used to monitor the performance of the Twitter campaign, Google analytics will meaasure the knock on affect of the campaign on other social medias.

A benefit of using social analytics is users can create targeted reports to help measure the impact of social marketing initiatives and evaluate the effects of social media on their site statistics Ribarksky (2014). Another benefit is the cost effectiveness, Google analytics is free and provides you with all the information necessary including whether your tweet resulted in a purchase (Google Analytics 2014)
Twitter analytics account can identify key areas which effect the number of followers, your engagement and the success you have on Twitter (Twitter Analytics 2014)
Tweet activity


Follower growth

Follower quality and engagement


Social Analytics
Social Sharing
Social Reports
Social Conversions
Link between social media and likelihood that a consumer will post a review (Goldsmith et al 2013)
Quality of images are found to be one of the most important factors to lead to a transaction (Kusta and Villa 2011).
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