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Euthanasia In Canada

No description

fefe M

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Euthanasia In Canada

Euthanasia In Canada
. Euthanasia being classified as "Assisted-dying"
. The primary problem with assisted-suicide
The primary problem with assisted- suicide
The main problem with this viewpoint is that it is too simplistic and does not factor in the inhumane suffering that many of the individuals who are suffering from terminal illnesses have to deal with every day.
The case and complications of R V. Latimer
Rodriguez had been diagnosed with ALS and argued against Supreme Court of Canada in 1992, stating that forcing her to stay alive and not allowing asissted-dying was directly in violation of section 7 of Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Should Euthanasia be identified as "Assisted-Dying"? Is it harmful
Euthanasia being classified as "Assisted-Dying"
It has been a staple topic in the news media world of Canada for almost two decades.
Her Argument was that the disease denied her to "life, liberty, and security" therefore, the illegality of Euthanasia was also in accordance with this.
A case in which a man, who was a farmer from Saskatchewan was arrested and implicated in the death of his 12 year old quadriplegic daughter.
by: Effe Mae Abban
. Should Euthanasia be identified as "Assisted-Dying"? Is it harmful?
On June 17th, 2016; the Canadian senate voted 44-28 in Favor of legalization of Euthanasia.
. The case and complications of R V. Latimer
Her father was accused of poising her with carbon monoxide after an autopsy revealed large amounts of substance in her body.
the counter argument made against the devaluing of life is PAD actually serves as a more humane pathway to a solution for individuals with these terminal illnesses.
A comprehensive study of individuals who are within palliative and PAD care field found that there is no evidence to assert that PAD targets the vulnerable or serves as amoral wrong doing.
There were also concerns about the idea of assisted-dying contradicting the section 241 of the criminal code. But this cannot be used to dispel Euthanasia.
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest lost is what dies inside us while we live
- Normam Cousins
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