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The Russian Civil War

No description

Madison Campbell

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of The Russian Civil War

War Communism
The Red Army
The Red Army was established immediately after the 1917 October Revolution(Red October or Bolshevik Revolution).
The Bolsheviks raised the Red Army to oppose the military confederations.
Trotsky met this problem by mobilizing former officers of the imperial army. In 1921 about 50,000 officers served the Red Army.
White Army
The White Armies were made up of soldiers from the French, British, Japanese, and US armies.
The White Army was sent to Russia on August 3, 1918. They pushed the Red Army south.
The White forces received support from the Western Allies during the internal war. The United States, England, and Canada had met inside of Russia initially to guard supplies they had sent during the war, but they were in a position to fight the Bolsheviks, if necessary.
Russian Civil War
The Russian Civil War tried to tear apart Russia for three years. Between 1918 and 1921.
After November 1917 many groups were formed known as the Bolsheviks. They were known as the Red Army.
The Russian Civil War
The Bolsheviks won the Civil War because the White Army were disunited. Their armies were thousands of miles apart.
Trotsky was a brilliant war leader and this helped the Bolsheviks have good war tactics.
Many Russians known as the Bolsheviks were fighting for a better world. Bolsheviks fought the White Army because they hated (British, American, and French) armies invading Russia.
Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky was a Soviet politician who engineered the transfer of all political power to the Soviets with the October Revolution of 1917, and the founding leader of the Red Army.
The Soviets had immense problems of supply during the civil war. War-time destruction ruined thousands of factories and farms; this impacted the occupations for the Whites in huge areas of Russia and Allied powers.
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