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Copy of ICE AGE

Final Production

Melanie Barron

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of ICE AGE

Ice Age &
Middle Stone Age

Prehistory- The time in the world before writing!
Mesolithic Era
Michael Berg
Jason Fuchs
This is what a lot of you think of when you hear the word Ice Age
But this is how it really was!!
Middle Stone Age
The oceans' levels were low because they were mostly ice, so this meant more land was available to be used and seen. Early humans used this LAND BRIDGE to help them migrate to warmer lands.
4. On their journey to warmer land, the humans had to adapt to their surroundings.
Sewed together animal skins to make warmer clothing
Made shelters from wood, mud and clay
Moved into Caves
10,000-5,000 years ago
6. These people started to use different tools than the people in the Paleolithic Era.
Smaller and more complex tools
Fishing hooks and fishing spears.
Bow and Arrows
The people of the Middle Stone Age are still hunter-gatherers
Hand held object that has been modified to help a person accomplish a task
New Stone Age
After the Middle Stone Age came a period of time that scientists call the
Neolithic Era, or New Stone Age
. It began as early as 10,000 years ago in Southwest Asia.

During the New Stone Age people learned to polish stones to make tools like
saws and drills
The New Stone Age- 5,000 years ago, when toolmakers began to make tools out of
But tools weren’t the only major change that occurred during the Neolithic Era. In fact, the
biggest changes
came in how people produced food.

People soon learned that they could plant seeds themselves to grow their own crops.

Eventually, people learned to change plants to make them more useful. They planted only the largest grains or the sweetest fruits. The process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans is called domestication.
The domestication of plants led to the development of agriculture , or farming. For the first time, people could produce their own food. This development changed human society forever.
Learning how to use animals for their own purposes was almost equally important. Hunters didn’t have to follow wild herds anymore. Instead, farmers could keep sheep or goats for milk, food, and wool. Farmers could also use large animals like cattle to carry loads or to pull large tools used in farming. Using animals to help with farming greatly improved people’s
chances of surviving.
Domestication of plants and animals enabled people to use plant fibers to make cloth. The domestication of animals made it possible to use wool from goats and sheep and skins from horses for clothes. People also began to build permanent settlements. As they started raising crops and animals, they needed to stay in one place. Then, once people were able to control their own food production, the world’s population grew. In some areas farming communities developed into towns.
1. People in the Old Stone Age had to migrate or move because of the Ice Age and the freezing temperatures made it hard for them to find food and shelter.
3. Human migration occurred 1.6 million years ago and ended 10,000 years ago
7. Besides new tools, other new technology was
* hollowing out logs to make boats
* Make pottery
*Pets used for protection and hunting

All of these advancements along with new methods of making clothing and shelter all helped people survive longer

During the Mesolithic Era people migrated/moved to other countries, developed clothing, built pit houses and permanent shelter, and improved tools and technology.
Essential Question:
How did early man survive the ice age?
Middle Stone age =
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