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Famous Ballistic Crime Cases

No description

Amanda Massarone

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Famous Ballistic Crime Cases

Robert Lee Yates JR.
By Amanda Massarone, Olivia Ferry, and Salma Balcazar
Famous Ballistic Crime Cases
Yolanda Sapp(26)
Kathleen Brisbal(38)
Sherry Ann Palmer(19)
Shannon Zielinski(36)
Heather L. Herandez(20)
Patricia L. Barnes(60)
Michelyn Derning(47)
Connie Lafontaine(35)
Laurel Watson(31)
Shawn McClenahan(39)
Darla Scott(29)
Shawn Johnson(36)
Linda Maybin(34)
Nickie L. Lowe(34)
Jennifer Joseph(16)
Sunny Oster(41)
Melinda Mercer(34)

Ballistic Evidence
A .22 Caliber weapon, a handgun, killed Lowe and Brisbois.
Sherry Palmer was shot with a .32 Caliber
Firearm evidence in Zielinski Case and other cases were deemed inadequate for comparison with other bullets
Hernandez, Watson, Maybin, Johnson, McClenahan, Oster and Ellis were shot with .25 caliber weapons
Crime Committed
Crime Committed. Part 2
Ten months after on June 14th, 1996, the decomposed body of 39 year old Sharron R. Zielinski was found. She wasn't found nude like the other victims, she had a short gray dress on. A shell casing was found at the scene and like other victims there was no blood pooling or sign of struggle. The body had been moved.
When and Where
Spokane, Washington
First found body was in February 1990
Spokane police called to East Upriver drive because of a report of a black females nude body that was found near the river. The woman had been shot several times. No bullets or casings were found. Either the killer cleaned up, used a gun that didn't eject shell casings, or transported the body after the victim was killed. All that was found was the victims black wig, a green blanket, a multicolored blanket, and a white towel. The victim was identified as Yolanda Sapp. She had a history of prostitution and drug use. The size of the entrance wound suggested a small caliber gun.

A month later, on March 25th, 1990, the body of Nickie L. Lowe was found. During the autopsy, a .22 caliber was found and her body smelled highly of motor oil.
Over the next seven weeks no other bodies were found. On May 15th, the body of Cathy Brisbois was found nude with only rings on her fingers. She appeared to be beaten with a blunt object and also had gun shot wounds. Tire tracks were found at the scene and bullets were recovered from her body. Like the victims before, articles of clothing were found near the body.
Almost two years passed without another killing. May 13th, 1992, Sherry Anne Palmer , one of the youngest victims, was found on Bill Gulch road. A plastic bad was found over her head and articles of clothing were found near her. Found a bullet near the body. No sign of struggle and no significant blood pooling so the body had to be moved after being killed.
Three years passed before the next victim. Found in Kitsap county, northwest of Seattle on August 25th, 1995. The nude body of 60 year old Patricia L. Barnes. The body was partially covered in foliage from a different area. A hair curler was found at the scene. A second pile of foliage was found a mile away from where the body was found. When going through the second pile, they found two plastic bags that contained hair curlers. The autopsy recovered .22 caliber bullets from the body.
More then a year after Sharron was found, on August 26th, 1997, 20 year old Heather L. Hernandez decomposing remains were found. Found in a shirt and a bra and no other clothing found. A trail of blood led from the parking lot to the field where her body was found, showing she was dragged.
In another location, the body of 16 year old Jennifer Joseph was found. A towel and a blouse that was missing a button, black pants, shoes, panties, a radio antenna and a used condom were found at the scene. Like other victims, she was shot.
On December 26th, 1997, the bodies of 31 year old Laurel Watson and 39 year old Shawn A. McClenahan were found. Both bodies were fully clothed except shoes and both were covered in debris. The vegetation was common to the area; lace leaf maple, Arbor Vitae, birch, rose, hydrangea, Oregon grape, maple, honey, locust, forsythia, Japanese Barberry and Chrysanthemum. Crime scene investigators also recovered soil, rocks, concrete pieces, wood pieces, white paint chips, a red dye feather, peanut shells, cherry pits and a plastic plant identification tag found on a plant at a nursery that read "Sweet William."
Japanese Barberry
Oregon Grape
Arbor Vitae
End Results
On April 1, 2000, Robert was arrested for the murder of Jennifer Joseph
Detectives went to his home and noted species of plants that matched vegetation that covered of 3 victims
Found pieces of broken concrete, wood with white paint peeling, peanut shells and rocks in plain view at his house.
Charged with 8 accounts of first degree murder in the deaths of as many as 18 women.
Charge with first degree attempted murder and first degree burglary
Pleaded not guilty to all charges until pleading guilty and sentenced to 408 years in prison for the worst murder spree in U.S history.
Yates is currently on death row at Washington State Penitentiary
In May of 2013 he tried to plead insanity.
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