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An Animal Cell is like a Movie Theater, Because it has lots

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Sophie Friedman

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of An Animal Cell is like a Movie Theater, Because it has lots

An Animal Cell is like a Movie Theater, Because it has lots of different parts and places that work together.
A Movie Theater has lots of different parts... just like a cell!
The ER is like the ramps and hallways. It is the source of transportation that guides you to the movie you want to see.
The Golgi Body are like the employees, because they move all the materials around the theater, just as the golgi body does for a cell.
The Mitochondria is like the Snack Bar. It produces the energy or food that we eat while watching the movie.
The Lysosomes are like the customers. They break down/eat the food, and wear out/use the theater.
The Cytoskeleton is like the building. It holds everything together and is the structure of the theater.
The Cell Membrane is like the security guards and the ticket tenders. They make sure that only people with tickets go in the theater and stop any trouble
The Cytoplasm is everything except the movie contained in the lounges and interior spaces of the theater, just like the cytoplasm in a cell is everything but the nucleus.
The Ribosomes are like the tickets. The theater needs tickets to gain money, just as the cell needs Ribosomes to gain protein.
The Vacuoles are like the bathrooms, because they store all the water and waste from the theater, just as vacuoles do for a cell.
And Finally... the Nucleus is like the MOVIE. The movie is the central desire of the theater. The movie is the main control of what happens in the theater and helps it be successful.
By Sophie and Sabrina

Period 6
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