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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

No description

Sarah P

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Film Study Project
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Camera Work
In scene twelve, where Lu Shien and Jen are fighting, there are many camera techniques being used. The scene begins with a long shot, so that the audience can get a good look at the two women before the fight begins. They also often show parts of the scene from a bird’s eye view. Angle of shot often comes into play, as they will occasionally show one of the women from a low angle shot to exaggerate the characters importance. The most significant thing to mention is probably how they often use close-ups. There’s a lot of emotion behind the fight that Jen and Lu Shien are having, and by closing up on their faces it’s easier to see it.
How does the clip fit the context of the film?
The clip fits the context because it shows the relationship between Jen and Yu Shu Lien. This relationship is very important in the film and is a big part of how the movie progresses. Their friendship is shown through most of the movie towards the end. It also shows the fighting techniques used from learning to become warriors. The green destiny sword is shown as well which is an important weapon for all of the characters. The sword is one of the most powerful ones and can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.
The themes and characters in the clip
Jen and Lu She Lien are the characters shown in this scene. They both develop quite a bit in the movie. Jen learns how to develop her skills with weapons and with fighting. She also learns the side of good and have better control. She can be a free women and does not have to marry some man. Lu develops in the film because she has a new friendship and discovers she indeed has feelings for Mu Bai. Also she got to use her fighting skills once again and go on an adventure to find the missing sword.
Open-ended Question
Jade Fox explains that the reason she killed Li Mu Bai's master was because he refused to train her, purely because she was a woman. Jen stole the Green Destiny sword because she didn't want the life she was given. Although what they did was definitely not good, do you think there was some justification in their actions?

(released in 2000)
Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon takes place in the beautiful setting of China, where the accomplished swordsman Li Mu Bai has decided to give up on fighting- However, this means he cannot avenge the death of his master, who was killed by the warrior known as Jade Fox. He sets off to beg forgiveness at his Master’s grave, and gives his trusted friend the female warrior Lu Shien his Green Destiny sword. She takes it to their friend Sir Te, who is to take care of the famous sword now that Li Mu Bai has retired. There, she meets Jen, a young woman with a hidden past who’s jealous of Lu Shien for her fighting lifestyle, as she herself is stuck in arranged marriage she wants no part in. Not long after Lu Shien arrives, the Green Destiny sword is stolen. It is soon discovered that the one who stole the sword is Jen, who is working for Jade Fox. She only did it for fun, but it soon gets her into a lot of trouble as she’s on the run from Lu Shien and Li Mu Bai, who are chasing after her in pursuit of the Green Destiny sword.
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