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Goal Setting Conferences

No description

Stacey Lange

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Goal Setting Conferences

Set new goal OR re-establish an existing goal.
You may begin by guiding them towards a goal, but the vision is for the students to be part of this goal setting.

Goal Setting & Conferring
Learning goals are collaboratively set between students and teachers to create personalized learning paths that guide a student’s learning progression in core academic areas. Personalized Learning Plans are built around the Learner’s Profile reflecting the student’s interests, learning style, and academic goals.
Steps to Goal Setting
Take a moment to connect with the child. This may be non-academic. Consider this relationship building time.

Reflect and Evaluate
Goal Set
Define the Learning Path
Wrap up / Conclusion

Discuss previous goal, celebrate what is going well, and identify where the learning could go next that is meaningful and relevant to the child.

The “What” (learning targets) and “How” (learning experiences) to include student voice.

The teacher reviews notes from last conference. (This is not a conversation with the student necessarily, but merely a refresh your memory about what the child has been working on.)

Tie up the conference (review goal and first step.)

1. Preparation
(1-2 min.)

2. Connect
(1-2 min.)

5. Define the Learning Path
(2-5 min.)

4. Goal Setting
(2-5 min.)

3. Reflect and Evaluate
(2-3 min.)

6. Conclusion
(1-2 min.)

How can goal setting help my students take charge of their learning?
Identify the steps that occur during a goal setting conference.
Incorporate the gradual release of responsibility into my goal setting conferences.
Gradual Release
Steps for Conferring
1. Research

2. Decide

3. Teach (Instruction)

4. Link (Plan)

3. Teach (2 – 5 min.) (Instruction)

Professional Educator delivers instruction

Could be guided practice; demonstration; modeling; explicit telling/showing; providing example
1. Research (1 – 2 min.)

Professional Educator reviews anecdotal notes, ASW, formative assessment data, etc.

Professional Educator gets information by observing what the student is doing

Professional Educator specifically verbalizes what student is doing well

Professional Educator takes note of what is not being done, but focuses on success
2. Decide (1 min. or less)

Instructional direction is based upon what the student is doing (action/evidence from student)

Professional Educator determines what student still needs to know, understand, be able to do

Professional Educator decides on one/two instructional points that would move the student toward the established goal

Professional Educator needs to be selective and specific
4. Link (2 – 3 min.) (Plan)

Name what has been taught

Compliment on new application and what was done

Physically write on PLP what student is going to do (Learning Target) and how (learning experiences) it will be done
Video Samples
Identify the steps that occur during a conferring conference.
How can conferring help my students take charge of their learning?
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