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Individual learning vs cooperative learning

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jermaine bowe

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Individual learning vs cooperative learning

What is the best way for students to retain information they are being taught? There are countless resources on how to teach students, but what do you do as a teacher when you have instituted best teaching practices and you give a test only to have the results be less than desirable? This presentation explores the differences with individual and cooperative learning and the outcomes from my action research.
Problem Statement
One of the goals of teaching students content is to have them retain it in such a way as to be able to recall the information during an assessment. Unfortunately there are too many instances where there is a gap between what is being taught and students being able to recall the information during assessments. Which method of student learning is best for student retention?
Background Research
Individual Learning
- An instructional method in which students work individually at their own level toward an academic goal.
Background Research cont'd

Marzano, R. J., Pickering, D., & Pollock, J. E. (2001). Classroom instruction that works:
Research-based strategies for increasing student achievement. Alexandria, Va: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

One grading period (nine weeks) individual learning
- no statistical difference in assessments
Interestingly enough this action research project revealed something more significant than the individual or group dynamic which was student motivation is the foundation of learning.
If you cannot motivate students to want to learn, no learning approach will matter.
Possible Future Research
Student motivation and its impact on learning
Individual learning
vs Cooperative learning
Cooperative Learning
- an instructional method in which students with different learning abilities work in groups to help each other learn the content being taught.
Kagan, S. & Kagan, M. (2009) Kagan cooperative
learning. San Clemente, CA: Kagan Publishing

One grading period (nine weeks) cooperative learning
- direct instruction
- individual assignments
- individual assessments

- direct instruction
- cooperative learning
- individual assessments
- based on survey the majority of students preferred group based learning

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