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Steve Jobs

No description

Darren Tafoya

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs History
History of Apple
Evolution of Apple
Apple started off as a old computer company that competed after Microsoft

Born February 24,1955 San Francisco, California
Died October 5, 2011 Palo Alto, California (aged 56)
Cause of Death was Pancreatic Cancer
Apple I
Macintosh Classic
i pod first Generation
Iphone 1
iphone 6
-1976 to 1976
Apple logo Evolution
-1976 to 1998
-1998 to Present
When Steve Jobs was born he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. His biological parents were very smart. His Biological mother (Joanne Simpson) was an unwed graduate student, and his biological father (Abdulfattah John Jandali) was a political science or a mathematics professor.
This could explain why Steve Jobs was so smart.
Steve Jobs used to be a kid that didnt like school until he entered fourth grade because he got a good teacher that bribed him with money and candy and he skipped to the fifth grade and went into middle school. The area that he was in school was very poor and the other kids bullied him because of how smart he was. Steve was so much smarter then everyone. One day Steve Jobs said if he wouldn't be transferred into another school he would not go to school at all. So he moved to Los Altos where he was around kids that were interested in the same subject (Computers)
How Apple Began
When Steve jobs was 13 he met one of the most important people in his life, an 18 year old kid that knew a lot about computers and how to build them (Stephen Wozniak AKA Woz)
Woz made his own personal computer and Steve Jobs thought that they could assemble personal computers and sell them to people for money. That's when Apple Computer was born on April 1, 1976. They started building the Apple 1 computer in Steve's garage. Nearly a year later Mike Markkula invested $250,000 in Apple and they started to create a more advanced computer called the Apple 2.
In just four years Apple became so big that Steve Jobs at age of 25 was worth two hundred million dollars!
Career pt.1
In 1978 Steve Jobs had made the Apple 3 that wasn't a success.
In 1979 Steve was making a new computer called the Lisa he wanted it to have GUI ( graphical user interface ) and a mouse. But because of his hot temper he was kicked out of the project.
In 1981 for revenge Steve Jobs started to begin a smaller project called the Macintosh which was a smaller, cheaper PC than the Lisa. The Macintosh helped save the company, but it only did good for a couple years and he wasn't getting along with the people in the company and was kicked out.
Steve Jobs started a newer company called NeXT came out with a good computer called the NeXT cube but failed because it didn't sell and because it was late and way to over priced.
In 1986 Steve Jobs bought Pixar a 3D animation software company. Later Pixar joined with Disney in the 90's. Pixar was more of a hobby to Steve but he owned 80% of Pixar and made almost 1.5 Billion dollars!
In 1996 Apple was not doing good because of Windows 95. Apple wanted to buy NeXT and Steve sold it for 400 million dollars and Steve went back to the company as CEO.
Steve made a colorful PC called iMac in 1998 which makes Apple cool again.

Career pt.2

In 2001 Steve Jobs created the first digital portable music player called ipod. By creating the ipod, Steve Jobs had changed the entire music industry by itunes were you could get music from. The ipod was making most of the money for Apple which started to show the future of Apple.
In 2003 Steve Jobs begone a super seceret project that was a tablet but realized he could put it into a phone.
On January 9, 2007 he revealed the iphone which was his best moment in his whole career.The iphone changed the telephone companies and created a whole new buisness for apps.

-Laurene Powell Jobs
-Lisa Brennan Jobs
-Eve Jobs
-Reed Jobs
-Erin Sienna Jobs
Famous Steve Jobs Quotes
"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
"The only way to do great work is to love what to you do"
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