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Andie Dorsey

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of MUCKRAKERS

Muckrakers group of investigative reformers, novelist, and critics
investigated and exposed societal issues: slums
insane asylums
unsanitary food processing plants newspapers and magazines began to publish reports McClure's (most famous "muckraking magazine") Novelists and photographers published exposes and disturbing photos Upton Sinclair The Jungle Jacob Riis: How the other Half Lives how the other Half Lives
by Jacob Riis
was born in Denmark
immigrated to the U.S. in 1870
1889 his pictures and articles seen by N.Y. Governor T. Roosevelt
the tenements he exposed were shut down McClure's Magazine
founded in 1893 by Samuel McClure
Began specializing in Muckraking journalism
Journalists included Ida Tarbell (standard oil)
Lincoln Steffens (municipal corrupation) Ida Tarbell from 1902-1904 Ida Tarbell investigated standard oil her articles raised public awareness of Rockefeller's ruthless monopoly
her efforts led to the eventual breakup of the standard oil monopoly in 1911 Lincoln Steffen Born, San Fancisco 1866
the son of a wealthy businessman
1902-1911 editor of McClure's Magazine
published books and articles focusing on municipal corruption
became a radical communist later in life through his articles and book
The Shame of the cities and The Struggle for Self-Government
he exposed corrupt political machines in St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York he spoke out about the exclusion of African American voters in the South
he work paved the way for the break-up of these political machines as well as important muncicpal legislation Upton Sinclair born in Baltimore 1878
began writing at 15
became an active socialist in the 1900's
wrote a "novel" about immigrants working the Chicago stockyards in 1905... The Jungle the Jungle published in 1906
takes in Chicago's "Packingtown" district and focuses on the conditions of the laborers and sanitization within slaughterhouses video
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