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No description

Ditte Gottfredsen

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Pronunciation

How to say the most difficult words
The beginning
Do you know your A,B,C?

1. Make a list where you give examples of words starting with all the letters of the alphabet.

Ex; Apple, basic, client, detective, error, frosting, giant, holding, idea, jolly, kiss, liar, missing, night, open, prayer, quiz, raisin, straight, trust, uncle, vocabulary, x-ray, you, zipper.
On class:

- What have you learned with these exercises?
Write down three things that you have gotten better at.

- What would you like to work more with?
The beginning
Do you know how to pronounce your A,B,C?

1. Write down the three most difficult words on your list on your cue card.
2. Everybody draws a random cue card, reads and bends the words. Bend the word in either singularis and pluralis, present and present tense or comparative degrees (tillægsord).

REMEMBER to exaggerate (overdrive) the sounds of the letters.

ex. Jolly: Jolly sounds like it is spelled djolli, so in this case you should exaggerate the djoh sound.
Class discussion
Besides the alphabet, can you guys think of any sounds that are difficult to say?


Can you come up with any examples of words, where these sounds exists?

10 hard words to pronounce
Which words do you struggle with?
3. Make a list of three words that you find difficult to say.
practice saying the words out loud.

4. create a sentence using the three words. Do you THINK
that CROWS sleep
We will watch the video together on class and discuss whether or not you agree these words are difficult.
Example: night?
The whispering game
Everybody sits in a circle.
One person draws one of the sentence cards that you have created individually.
The person that drew the card reads it (inside) and whispers the sentence into the ear of the person sitting next to him or her. this continues until the sentence has been whispered throughout the circle.
Has the sentence changed since the person whispered?

Tongue twister
5. Draw a tongue twister card.
Look up the words that you don't know.
Practice saying the sentence fast three times in a row.
REMEMBER: On Gyldensdals dictionary (that you all have installed on your computer) you can hear the words pronounced correctly.
Class exercise
6. Everybody pair up with someone with a different tongue twister.
First say your own tongue twister out loud to the other person. the switch and try to say the other persons tongue twister. The faster the better.

At last: Everybody stands in front of the class and say their tongue twister.
- Explain what the difficult part is, is there a particular word that is hard to pronounce in the sentence or is it a specific sounds?

What do we have to learn?

- I have to learn how to talk with a clear and distinct pronunciation.

- I have to learn how to correctly pronounce the difficult sounds such as ch, th and sh.

- I have to learn how to speak spontaneously.
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