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A summary of Researching DTCE

No description

Fan Li

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of A summary of Researching DTCE

A summary of Researching DTCE
Depth of thought
Sustained investigation
Serves a higher ideal/purpose What is Research ? Ontology is the basis for research
Epistemology is the how we can know the world. research
is what we can find out about the world The structure of Research We should always read for purpose, find combination of the views. Framework of research THAT IS HOW WE WORK ON GOOGLE DOCS 'If you give me a good question,
I probably know the answers.'

And at the end of research, findings will answer the question. The more you do critical reading, the better you will find the answer. web2.0 data understand further about data
develop new things based on data
treat data for reasons Wonderful Show Maker: (Alphabet)

Chen-Hao Fan Janesh Ji
Lubna Moammar Suhad Qian Literature Review Cartoon Video Quantitative data express quantities
----’how many’

Qualitative data express qualities
----’why’ Research Methodology Research questions
Research direction ( draft)
Question (ideas in mind)---> Literature review ----> Question (clear direction)
Literature review
Conveys to the existing knowledge and ideas
Strengthen the strengths and weaknesses of studies
Enhance research credibility. The types of Empirical study method Meta analysis
- Use of statistical methods to combine results of individual studies. This allows us to
- Make the best use of all the information we have gathered in our systematic review
- By combining the results of similar studies we can improve the precision of our estimates of treatment effect
- the process of combining studies and outline the various methods available
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