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The History of English Language

No description

Hege Jødal

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of The History of English Language

History of the English Language Middle English Old English Stunt, p. 65 - 67, "Events that Shaped English"
"History of English (combined)", Open University
http://www.englandandenglishhistory.com/the-wonderful-story-of-the-english-language Modern English How have historic events shaped English Language? Prehistory 3000 BC 3000 BC 700 BC 43 AD - 410 AD 400 - 800 850 - 1000 1066 - 1200 1500 1476 1592-1616 1700-1900 2013 Celts trading centers Romans Pretani - people of the Island The Anglo-Saxons North-west Europe
Celts driven away
"Engla land"
You, is, the and that
Germanic Norsemen Simplification
Window, give and take
"baggi", "bag", "bagg" William the Conqueror The Great Vowel Shift Chaucer's "the Canterbury Tales" Cow, sheep, swine Beef, mutton, pork William Caxton
Printing press
London English
Knowledge Standardizing Globalization 1700 Industrial Revolution "kangaroo" and "boomerang"
"turban" Lingua franca Sources: "Beowulf" Inflectional system - few distinctive word endings
Linguistic class devision Castle, court, governor
linguistic "marrige" Trains, engine, electricity
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