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radio fifth grade

nic and sam

Sam Stencel

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of radio fifth grade

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start main characters The problem in the book is that they take the questions from their homework so they can get the answers. Their sponsor our animal friends gives out a prize to who ever gets the question right. They really don't know the answers they just say they are right. SUMMARY radio fifth grade Nic, Sam, and Nolan By: Gordon Korman Problem Benjy
Mr. Whitehead
Ms. Pangoloposlous
Winston Churchhill Setting PREZI BY The setting of the book Radio fifth Grade is at WGRK Venice studios during kids fifth grade school year. Benjy, Mark, and Ellen-Louise host a radio show called kidsveiw soultion Their teacher Ms.Panaglopolos buys a radio to listen to their Radio show. They don't want her to hear them copy the quiz so Mark brought the radio back to the store. In this book three kids run a radio show. They host a radio show called Kidsveiw. The radio show started off slow but once they started doing the quiz it got really popular. Then their teacher hears about the show and orders a radio. So the kids take back the radio and acts like Ms. Pangopoulos's kids. It works but she buys the radio back! When she gets it back Mark uses a hairdrier so the radio stops working,but then all the power in the city goes out during the best show! in the end they have to stop using the quiz and Winston Churchill finally talks. Winston Churchill Winston is a Parrot that they try to make talk. He never talks until Mark says " This Parrot is a rip off!" and they Parrot says it on air! so the kids put on words that keep repeating so the Parrot will learn them. They told the guy at the store that they hated the radio so he would have to take the radio back. Sam gives this book a 3 Nic gives it a 4 GORDAN KORMAN
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