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Joel Randall

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of California

Yosemite was created by glaciers a million years ago, and is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range
(that means plants)
1850: 93,000
Today: 39 million (the most populous state in the U.S.)
California's $2.2 trillion economy is the largest of any American state
California is on the Pacific coast. The coastline is about 840 miles, the third longest in the US after Alaska and Florida
This is Rodeo Beach
Total area:
163,696 square miles
Half of the fruit produced in the United States is cultivated in California
Mt Whitney (14,505 feet) is the highest peak in the contiguous 48 states
"Nearly 80% of California is experiencing extreme to exceptional drought"
- LA Times
the California Poppy is the state
the Giant Squoia is the
largest living thing on the Earth. they grow to an average height of 50–85 m (164–279 ft) and 6–8 m (20–26 ft) in diameter.

The Joshua Tree grows in the Mojave Desert between 400 and 1,800 m (1,300 and 5,900 ft) elevation. The tallest trees reach about 15 m (49 ft).
Death Valley in the Mojave Desert is the lowest place in North America at 282 feet below sea level, and the hottest - the temperature gets to 120 °F or higher!
the California Quail
was adopted as the official state bird in 1931
Earthquakes are common occurrences in California since the state is located on the San Andreas Fault
The coyote is a member of the dog family and is native to California.
The rattlesnake is Califonia's only native venomous snake.
Every year about 800 people get bitten with 1 or 2 deaths.
There are about 30,000 black bears in California.

Seals hang out in coastal waters were there are not many boats , they may also seem cute but they are very territorial and can be aggressive
California is a popular destination for tourists. Disneyland has 16 million visitors per year.
California has some of the best
known technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Youtube and E-bay.

Hollywood is one of the
biggest entertainment industries in the
Gold is the state element
Sutter's Mill was the first place where gold was found in California
Sacramento is the state capital.
The population is almost 500,000 people and it's the 5th largest city in California.
The population of Los Angeles is 4 million. It's the biggest city in Califonia and the 2nd largest city in the U.S.
The port of Los Angeles is the
busiest container port in the
whole US. It employs nearl 1000
Population of
San Francisco:
840,000 people.
More than 7 million people live in the San Francisco Bay Area
California is known as the "Golden State"
Thank You!
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